The Google Pixel 4a has arrived with so many helpful features at a very helpful price. I spent two weeks with it as my daily driver, and here are 5 things I’m loving about it.

The perfect size

In an age where phones keep getting bigger and bigger, I absolutely love the feel of the smaller Pixel 4a. With a width of 69.4mm, it’s easy to use one handed; I can reach the other side of the screen with my thumb without feeling like I might drop the phone.

The Pixel 4a fits comfortably in one hand

It’s all screen

It’s the first edge to edge display without a notch for a Pixel phone, and it’s gorgeous. Measuring 5.81”, it’s bright, beautiful, and thanks to that OLED technology, it features a super handy always-on display that you can toggle on in the settings. This is something I’ve been using a lot, whether it’s just checking the time, or glancing to see if you have any notifications, all without touching the phone.

The always on display is discreet yet incredibly convenient

A flagship camera experience

This is what we all love about the Pixel phones, and the camera doesn’t disappoint in the Pixel 4a. Photos from the single 12.2MP rear camera have great colour, contrast and detail thanks to Google’s intelligent software. Portrait mode returns and does a great job of blurring the background, and I’m still blown away by Night Sight; the amount of detail you can capture in low light, particularly at this price point, is incredible and much better than other flagships.

Night Sight lets you take incredible low-light photos without a tripod

Security that makes sense

As much as I do love face unlock, fingerprint unlock on the Pixel 4a its simple and easy, and makes a lot of sense when we’re often wearing masks. My index finger falls quite naturally on the rear fingerprint sensor, and it’s great being able to unlock your phone by just placing your finger there – no button press required. And an easily overlooked feature, Google’s Titan M chip (a dedicated security chip), means I know my Pixel 4a will always be starting up with the right version of Android.

The fingerprint sensor is just in the right place

It’s helpful when I need it

Google Assistant has evolved a lot since it first launched. More than just using voice commands to play music or to do quick calculations, one feature I use every night is the Bedtime Routines. Saying, “Okay Google, good night” will automatically toggle a bunch of actions for me – it will tell me tomorrow’s weather, ask me what time to set the alarm, and turn off my smart lights all in one go. Google also has their Recorder app which lets you transcribe audio straight away. You can then search this text, which makes finding notes from meetings really convenient.

Routines handle multiple tasks with just one command

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