Spending time on the same route to work every day can be tedious. Luckily, phones offer many options to help you make the most out of your daily commute. So why not consider taking advantage of your device to ensure you’re prepared for the day ahead?

Create a calendar plan for the day ahead

Managing and prioritising your projects is easy with a well-defined calendar plan. Allocating time to specific work throughout the day can help minimise procrastination and ensure you always know what’s next.

Your device will have a built-in calendar, which allows you to maximise your efficiency and stay on top of your daily goals. Creating events in your calendar and allotting a dedicated time period for specific assignments should minimise confusion and anxiety if you have a large mountain of tasks or a tight deadline. 

Get ahead of your inbox before arriving at work

Shave time off the start of your day and get ahead of your workload by responding to any emails that may have landed in your inbox overnight.

This will allow you to jog your memory of the previous day’s tasks and hit the ground running when you reach the office. You will also be prepared to field any questions from colleagues regarding certain projects. 

Start your day strong with brain training tools

While brain training apps may not contribute to the day’s workload, they are an excellent way of flexing your brain muscles and revitalising you in preparation for a busy day.

Lumosity and Peak are two apps that are great tools for testing your mental proficiency in a fun and easy manner. They host a variety of games and brain exercises that test different functions of the brain, such as memory, logic and cognitive ability. These apps also compare your scores over time and allow you to track your progress.

Check in on your favourite news apps

Keeping up to date with the latest news is a beneficial way of staying informed of the world around you. This is even more applicable when reading articles that are relevant to your type of work.

In this day and age most major news sources (whether national or international) will have their own mobile app. This removes the hassle of carrying around a newspaper and opens you up to a variety of news sources. These apps can be personalised to notify your device of content the moment it’s published, and are simple to navigate – allowing you to choose the type of news that is most appropriate for you.

Review the day’s work on your commute home

There’s no reason the commute home should be any less productive, and reviewing the day’s work can help you fine-tune any mistakes — keeping your projects fresh in your mind for the next day.

It’s a good idea to enquire at your place of work about whether they operate a Virtual Private Network (VPN), as this can be a useful tool for accessing all areas of your work remotely. After reviewing your work, take this time to also consider sending any final emails out, as this can aid in minimising responsibilities the next morning, and assist any colleagues who may be working back late.

Interested in more app ideas to increase productivity on your commute? Check out our suite of ReadyApps for your business. 

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