With electronic waste being the fastest growing waste stream globally, it’s more important than ever to recycle our electronic devices properly in order to minimise their environmental impact.

Here at Vodafone, we are committed to playing our part. That’s why we’re proud to partner with MobileMuster, who are embarking on an expansion of their recycling program to make it easier than ever for Australians to recycle their unused electronic devices. Mobile Muster will dismantle your old devices and recover over 95% of the materials to create something new, like jewellery, currency, new batteries, park benches, pallets, and new glass just to name a few.

Each year over 11,000 kilos of e-Waste are recycled via Vodafone stores, offices, and service centres, which is equivalent to 42,000 phones! But what about the rest of our electronic devices? Research reveals that there are over 38 million unused electronic devices in Australian homes that could be recycled, from old-school landline phones to the latest smart home gadgets and wearables.

Recycle more devices than ever before!

Mobile Muster’s expanded recycling program now includes everything from landline phones to gaming consoles and smart watches. It’s estimated that only 3-14% of these unused devices are currently being recycled, but the following devices are now all able to be recycled at Vodafone Stores, thanks to MobileMuster.

Estimated number of electronic products being stored in Australian homes that you can now recycle at Vodafone Stores

  • Modems and Routers (9 million)
  • Landline phones (3 million)
  • Wearables: i.e. smart watches (4 million)
  • Smart home tech: speakers & home monitoring (9 million)
  • Gaming consoles (6 million)
  • Tablets and eReaders (7 million)
  • Digital set top boxes
  • Mobile accessories (e.g. headphones)

How to take action

Ready to recycle your unused electronic device? Regardless of where you bought it, you can head into any of the 300 participating Vodafone Stores and recycle it with MobileMuster.

For more info, head to the MobileMuster website.

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Louise Barraclough

Social Media Specialist

Louise Barraclough,
Social Media Specialist