We’ve just launched our refreshed My Vodafone app that we hope will deliver a seamless experience for you. Apart from the features that you know and love including viewing and paying bills, recharging your prepaid service, getting an Add-on, checking your usage and updating your account settings; we’ve developed additional functionality. Here are a few of the app’s new features.

Fingerprint and Face ID

You can access My Vodafone through a web browser or using Wi-Fi, by setting up a password through our registration process and then logging in using your username and password.

When accessing the app on a Wi-Fi network, you can also opt-in to use fingerprint or Face ID. This will be the same fingerprint or Face ID that you’ve set up with your device.

In addition to your password, you may also need your 4 digit account PIN to complete certain transactions or to access information on accounts with multiple numbers. You can also use fingerprint or Face authentication instead of your account PIN.

You can opt-in or out of fingerprint or Face authentication at any time through the My Vodafone app.

Fingerprint and Face ID is only available on the app, we don’t have it on the web version.


Easily manage plans shared under one account

Through My Vodafone, you can now see the data usage of all the plans that are shared under your account. Whether you’re the head of the family or run your own business, if you’re the account holder of eligible plans, you can restrict someone in your data pool from maxing out their data allowance and incurring you extra charges.


Automatic Recharge

For our prepaid customers, you can save your credit or debit card to opt-in for Automatic Recharge through My Vodafone. By saving your card, you authorise Vodafone to use these details to perform an Automatic Recharge on your prepaid plan’s expiry date. The plan you will be automatically recharged on will be the same plan as your most recent recharge, and you can opt-out at any time.

Bulk Buy recharge for a long expiry

For our prepaid customers, the My Vodafone app now allows you to Bulk Buy and Save when you purchase multiple recharges for a discounted price. You can take out the hassle of recharging by staying connected for either 175 or 350 days with Bulk Buy and Save – all through the My Vodafone app. Your inclusions will refresh at the end of each recharge period, so you can just use the app to check how much data and standard international minutes you’ve used. And if you happen to go through all your data before the end of your recharge period, you can always grab a data add-on through the My Vodafone (as you can’t change your plan or recharge again until you’re on the final recharge of the Bulk Buy).


Personalised offers

We’ve added a feature in our new My Vodafone app that allows us to curate personalised offers for you. From time to time, we’ll promote an offer in the app that we believe you might like.


Update to our refreshed app

If My Vodafone is already installed on your device, you should have been prompted to update the app to the latest version.

If you haven’t downloaded My Vodafone, you can download the app from App Store or Google Play.

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Liam Iles

Digital Copywriter

Liam Iles,
Digital Copywriter

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