Samsung is one of the world’s tech giants with a competitive range of smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. Whether you’re feeling brand loyal to Samsung and looking to upgrade to the latest device, or considering a switch to Android, here is a list of some of the best devices Samsung currently has on the market.

The Galaxy S range

The S series is a range of high-end smartphone devices with a focus on bezel-less design and camera quality. The S series (along with the Note range) holds the auspicious position as Samsung’s flagship devices. The most recent of these devices include the S8 and S8+ released in 2017, the S9 and S9+ (2018), finally the S10 and the S10+ which was released early in 2019. In their most recent release, the S10 and S10+ featured the introduction of PowerShare. This exciting new feature allows users to share a little juice if they have over 30% battery with wireless device-to-device recharge.

The Galaxy A range

The A series is a group of mid-range smartphones which Samsung describes as “loaded with all the fun features you need, and nothing you don’t.”  The A series is certainly a more affordable range, and it’s true if you are just looking for a device to provide you with the essentials without the fancy features and premium materials, then the A range are very appropriate devices to consider. All the A devices come with a multi-lens camera, and an immersive screen.

The Galaxy Note range

The Galaxy Note series are smartphones with a larger screen that each come with a stylus, called the S Pen. This series makes up the other half of Samsung’s flagship devices along with the S series. The focus of the Note range is geared toward getting work done anywhere with features like split-screen, note taking, digital scrapbooking, built in desktop experience (DeX) and a fast processing speed. The most recent Note series devices include the Note 9, Note 9+, with the most recent release being the Note 10, and the Note 10+.

The Galaxy Tab range

Samsung Galaxy tabs are split into A series tablets and S series tablets. Just like the smart phone equivalent, the S range is the high-end series made with premium materials, while the A tabs are the mid-range, budget conscious option. There is also a range of Samsung tablets called the Galaxy Book Series – just as the Note 10 acts as a bridge between a phone and a tablet, the Galaxy Book2 is Samsung’s bridge between a tablet and a laptop. The Galaxy Book2 comes with a digital pen, a portable keyboard, and a Windows 10 interface to simulate the experience of a laptop in the convenient size and weight of a tablet.

The Galaxy Watch range

Vodafone allows you to share your plan and phone number with an eligible Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G. Even when you’re away from your phone, you can make and receive calls or send and receive texts. Smart watches are also useful for planning and staying on top of day-to-day tasks by giving you quick and easy access to your calendar and reminders, not to mention the ability to track Health & Fitness activities like steps and heart rate.

Terms and conditions

Vodafone NumberSync™ Eligibility
NumberSync™ Subscription is available if you have an existing eligible Vodafone postpaid voice plan (Eligible Plan). Minimum monthly spend is $5. NumberSync™ requires an eligible handset device (Handset) and OS paired with an eligible eSIM-enabled wearable device (Wearable Device). Eligible handsets and Wearable Devices can change so please refer to Vodafone webpage for latest updates. NumberSync™ is activated via Wearable Device app on Handsets. Please refer to Handset manufacturer’s guideline as Wearable Device apps can vary by Handset models. A customer must have accepted manufacturer’s Terms of Use for the Wearable Device prior to signing up to NumberSync™.

Vodafone NumberSync™ on Samsung Galaxy Watches is only available for official variants available in Australia purchased through Vodafone or from any other third party provider. Any other variant e.g. from overseas can only be used as a Bluetooth only device.


Maximum Number of Device

Only one Wearable Device can be connected to your Eligible Plan at any one time.


NumberSync™ has no inclusions. The Subscription grants customer access to share inclusions of the Eligible Plan to which the NumberSync™ is attached to. For the avoidance of doubt if your Eligible Plan is a sharing plan NumberSync™ will not be considered a service for the purpose of the 10 service limit on sharing. For sharing terms and conditions please refer to

All call, data or international call (if applicable) inclusions used on Wearable Device will be consumed from your Eligible Plan inclusions pool and will appear on your bill and My Vodafone, as entitlements consumed by the Eligible Plan, it will not appear as a separate entry. Excess charges may apply if you combined usage via NumberSync™ and the Eligible Plan exceeds the allowance of the Eligible Plan.

Cancelling Subscription

Cancellation of the NumberSync™ subscription is by calling 1555 only. If subscription is cancelled mid billing cycle, a pro-rata refund for the remainder month in which the subscription is cancelled will

be applied to the customer's next bill. Cancellation of your Eligible Plan will automatically cancel your NumberSync™ Subscription.

When you're overseas

$5 Roaming and international roaming are not available with your NumberSync™. If you take your Wearable Device overseas it will not be able to connect to a mobile network.

Anything else

The terms and conditions of your Eligible Plan and our Standard Form of Agreement will apply to your use of our network and access to your Eligible Plan via your NumberSync™.

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