Android lovers rejoice – because Samsung unpacked one of their most impressive devices yet at Mobile World Congress: the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Better yet, it’s available to buy now on a Red Plan with Vodafone.

Among its many exciting features, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has completely redefined the smartphone camera – designed for a social media generation.

1. Experience camera technology that channels the human eye

The Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera reimagines the technology of a smartphone camera, featuring a dual aperture that adapts, just like the human eye. This allows the device to take stunning pictures in any light from bright daylight to moonlight – a challenge for many other smartphones. It features a 60% improvement in low-light photography, thanks to the dual aperture system, and a new Live Focus background effect that sharpens the foreground.

2. Capture real life in Super Slow-mo

The Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera allows you to slow down a moment to 960 frames per second, so you can capture even the most minute details, and you won’t miss a thing! It even lets you loop moments, add music, and share to social media instantly.

3. Turn yourself into an emoji with Augmented Reality

Want to truly personalise your messages? You can’t get much more unique than using the camera to turn yourself into an emoji using AR technology. Your AR Emoji even has animated reactions that will channel your digital personality!

4. Explore the world with Live Translation

No need to learn a new language for your next trip overseas – just use Bixby Live Translation to help you get around. The Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera allows you to translate signs from different languages, so you’ll always be on the right track.

5. Show off your personality with new colour options

Colour is a first for the Galaxy – and while black is a timeless classic, we’re excited about the Samsung Galaxy S9’s new colour palette. You can choose lilac or blue (or black of course), to add a new splash of personality to your phone.

Colour options Samsung Galaxy S9

Plus, you can personalise your phone even further with a Video Wallpaper!

6. With Intelligent Scan, you have your own personal security guard

You can adjust your phone to high security mode and open your phone using facial recognition – the camera recognises you instantly. Now no one can snoop around your phone!

7. A camera that responds to your voice commands

Control your camera with a simple voice command – so you can capture that perfect selfie without any button pressing to get in the way.

8. Harder, better, faster, stronger

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the fastest Galaxy yet, and even more durable. Plus, the device is water-resistant with an IP68 rating (based on test conditions for submersion in up to 5 feet of freshwater for up to 30 minutes) – so you can really make a splash. The device’s stereo speakers are tuned by AKG and offer pure sound that’s 1.4 times more powerful than previous Galaxy phones. You can even share your phone screen to any other Samsung screen (such as your Samsung TV), hassle free.

9. The new and improved Infinity display

While the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S9 have decreased, the screen coverage has increased, allowing you to see more, but hold less. The screen is designed for a generation of content creators – with an uninterrupted canvas.

Check out the stunning introduction video:

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