If you’ve ever tried to teach your grandma or grandpa how to use Facebook on their phone, you’ll know that being a tech native is a major generational difference. But never fear! Once your grandparents grasp the basics, they can learn the modern way to get in touch in no time.

Try starting them off with these five simple steps to get comfortable with their smartphone.

1. Teach them how to save battery so their phone lasts longer

There are some very simple tricks to make the most of phone battery life. For instance, show them how to turn down the screen brightness in ‘Settings’ on their phone, and close apps after they’ve finished using them. Turning their phone on silent and turning off vibrations will also help.

2. Personalise their screen to make it easier to read

Sometimes one problem for seniors is that the text on their phone is too small to see! Everyone’s eyes are different – so most smartphones will allow them to make the text size larger or smaller in ‘Settings’. You can also show them how to turn on the ‘Zoom’ display function, which will zoom into their screen further so that everything appears larger.

3. Show them how to turn on WiFi to reduce data usage

If your grandparents are browsing the internet on their phone at home or in a café that has WiFi, they will need to know how to add the WiFi network on their phone to avoid using too much data. That way, you’ll help prevent them from running over their monthly data limits on their phone plan.

4. Teach them to be savvy about the apps they download

Once your grandparents’ account is linked to the app store, it’s very easy to rack up a bill if they don’t pay attention to what they’re downloading. While most apps they’ll need are free, show them that the ones they need to pay for are clearly marked with the price on the download button. It’s also a great idea to set up the free ‘Find My Device’ app (available on Android) or ‘Find My iPhone’ app (available on iOS), which can help them track a lost or stolen device.

5. Look out for the best phone plan deals 

Plans and offers are always changing, so it’s best to keep an eye out for the best deal so that they’re getting bang for their buck. They can tailor plans to your needs – whether they just need a SIM, or want a new phone with their plan. It’s important to keep in mind that seniors can often get discounts by showing their seniors card! For instance, Vodafone currently has a great seniors offer at the moment, which can help them save more.

With these tips mastered, your grandma or grandpa will be a tech savvy senior in no time! If they want to find out more, they can even join an in-store smartphone workshop for seniors at their nearest participating Vodafone store.

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Erin Rooney

Editor of Red Wire

Erin Rooney,
Editor of Red Wire

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