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Time is precious to small business owners, so tools that can help make their lives easier are in high demand. In fact, one of the biggest pain points for small retailer businesses in Australia is accepting payments from credit cards. The cost of payments hardware can be expensive to buy, run and manage, and surcharge pricing can be confusing, and hard to keep track of with different card payments.

But given that more than half of payments in Australia are made on cards, it’s becoming increasingly important for small retailers to find ways for their customers to pay by card. Luckily, our friends at Square are making it easier for small businesses to accept card payments with their Square Contactless and Chip Reader, which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to your iOS or Android device. This means you can accept contactless or chip card payment from anywhere.

At Vodafone, we’re passionate about helping your business become a Ready Business. Our plans are designed to help you stay connected and competitive in the ever-changing business landscape, so you’re prepared for the future. That’s why we’ve partnered with Square to offer you the Square Contactless + Chip Reader for just $5 extra when you have an ABN and bundle it with our selected Red plans until 31 August 2017.1 Become a Ready Business with Vodafone and Square – helping you to be more agile, better connected to your people and engage your customers more effectively.

Here are five reasons why we’ll be seeing more and more Square Readers in the future, and why you should consider making the switch…

1. There’s a low credit card payment fee

While other EFTPOS machines charge variable fees for different card types, Square has simplified the pricing. You’ll pay a fixed rate of just 1.9% per tapped, dipped or swiped payment, with no monthly fees, hidden charges or long-term contracts. Due to the consistent pricing, it makes monitoring fees a whole lot easier for small businesses. Plus, because Square has teamed up with Vodafone to launch a first-of-a-kind offer, it’s the cheapest way to start accepting card payments available in the market, and great value.

2. Customers can pay securely in seconds

Square offers businesses a fast and reliable payment option that is secured by multiple layers of encryption and real-time fraud monitoring. It’s very simple to register for your free account, link your bank account and start accepting card payments, so you can get started as soon as you need to. Once you receive a payment, Square deposits money straight into your bank account as fast as the next business day.

3. Retailers can take payments anywhere

Customers can make card payments with Square Reader by either tapping their card or mobile wallet, or inserting their chip card. The Square Reader is also equipped with a magstripe reader for swiping international cards that don’t have a chip. But the real beauty of the Square Reader is that it can be used anywhere – you can connect it to your phone or tablet to make payments mobile, or simply keep it near your point of sale.

4. Entry into e-commerce

It’s a common misconception that Square can only be used for in-person payments, but they also offer e-commerce solutions with different levels of integration to accept payments. They’ve also just launched their Square Checkout function, allowing business owners to integrate a fully hosted e-commerce checkout solution on their own website. Beyond online payments, the Square app also has a multitude of functions like inventory management, employee management and digital receipting which can help better manage your business. You can even send invoices online through the Square app or from Square Dashboard.

5. It increases sales efficiency and productivity

The ultimate advantage of Square Reader is that it simplifies the payment process, allowing small businesses the freedom to make sales the way they want and increase customer satisfaction. It’s quick to set up and use, allowing business owners to spend more time achieving other business goals that are important to them.

Vodafone is passionate about supporting small businesses face the future, that’s why we’re making the Square Reader more accessible to SMEs with an ABN. Pay only $5 for the Square Contactless + Chip Reader when you sign up to a $50 or above Red SIM only 24-month plan or $60 or above Red 24-month plan. 1

We’ll give your small business the kind of TLC you give your customers, because we know that’s what small-to-medium-sized businesses need from their telco to succeed.

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Terms and conditions

1. Business customers must have an ABN/ACN. Square Contactless + Chip Reader (S8 version) available to any approved new & upgrading customers (excludes rate plan change) on a Vodafone $60 or above Red 24 month plan or Vodafone $50 or above Red SIM Only 24 month plan over the phone or in store. Max 1 per purchase. Plus new Square customers who sign up to a new account via the unique URL found on your packaging, get a Square Reader with fee-free processing on the first $1000 of sales. Fees are credited to your account on each deposit and occurs within Square’s standard deposit schedule – see Month 1 min monthly spend: on Red 24 Month Plans is $65, $75, $85, $95, $105, $125 (for the $60, $70, $80, $90, $100, $120 respectively) plus applicable handset payments, on Red SIM Only 24 month plans is $55, $60, $65, $78 ( for the $50, $55, $60, $73 respectively). Month 2 onwards min monthly spend is $60, $70, $80, $90, $100, $120 (for $60, $70, $80, $90, $100, $120 respectively), for Red SIM Only 24 month plans is $50, $55, $60, $73 (for the $50, $55, $60, $73 respectively) (“Plan Cost”) plus applicable handset payments. Early exit fee = 50% of Plan Cost x months remaining on contract plus applicable device payments. Not for commercial or resale purposes. Offer not exchangeable or redeemable for cash and subject to change.  To the extent permitted by law, Vodafone is not liable for any loss, damage, or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with using any of the purchased accessories. Square, the Square logo and Square Reader are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Square, Inc. in the United States, Australia and other countries. Other trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Total min cost $1,200 to $2,880; in Australia, additional data is automatically added for $10 per 1GB ($0.01/MB). Offer ends 31 August 2017.

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Kelli Gale

Head of Retail Marketing, Brand and Communications

Kelli Gale,
Head of Retail Marketing, Brand and Communications