Sharing responsibilities with your housemates is no easy task, but there are certainly ways you can make allocating duties and working together fun and easy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful apps that will help your share house thrive - so you’ll always be on top of your groceries, chores and bills.


OurGroceries is a vital app for all households — from large families to share houses, this tool ensures that nothing’s forgotten when visiting the supermarket. OurGroceries allows you to create a synchronised shopping list that you can share with other members of the household. That way you can add any items the house needs for others to see, as well as crossing off items on the list once you’ve purchased them. OurGroceries can also be used to create other important lists, such as a packing list for a camping trip, to-do lists, or a list of food to bring to a party.


Sharing bills and lending money between housemates can become a contentious issue. Thankfully, Splitwise allows you to keep track of who owes what, and notifies you when money is returned or bills are due, all in one handy location. Besides the essential bills, Splitwise is also perfect for documenting money spent on parties, groceries and nights out. Splitwise shows you how much you owe, how much you are owed and what the money was for – so disagreements can be kept at bay.


Maintaining a clean, tidy and functioning home requires every member of the house to put in an equal share of work. The OurHome app makes doing chores fun and rewarding, ensuring that chores are assigned fairly, and everyone can see who is pulling their weight. OurHome is the perfect app for motivating members of the household, as points are awarded for chores completed, and new tasks can be added by any member. So whether you’re a family with teenagers, or a student share house, OurHome will get everyone involved fairly.


Keeping track of your housemates can be a hassle, as some people aren’t always reachable by phone. Whether someone needs to be home to feed the dog or sign for a delivery, Life360 lets you know the whereabouts of each housemate or family member – ensuring everyone is safe, sound and accountable. For instance, if your housemate is taking a long time to get back from the shops, you can use Life360 to ensure that they’re driving safely by viewing how fast they are driving and if they are using their phone. This app is particularly helpful for families, allowing you to monitor your children and even notifying you when a member leaves school or work.

Big Oven

Not everyone is the next Nigella Lawson or Gordon Ramsay, but Big Oven can help you create gourmet delights with whatever ingredients you have in the fridge and pantry – no matter your skill level. Simply input the ingredients you have at your disposal and Big Oven will provide you with an assortment of suggestions for easy to prepare recipes. With Big Oven, you’re even able to create a meal plan for the week ahead – so you’ll never go hungry.

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