Whether you’re joining in for a friendly game of backyard cricket or have your sights set on the local cricket ground, summer is the perfect time to enjoy some cricket with friends and family. As long as you have a bat, ball, and an area to play, what you decide to use for wickets is limited only by your imagination. This season, Vodafone is here to help you enjoy the summer of cricket with our handy field recommendations, tips for keeping up with the match schedule and tips on finding weather forecast updates.

Working out where to play

Finding the right place to play a game of cricket can depend on the amount of people at your disposal and the equipment you have on hand.

Your backyard could be a great place to start – as a quick game of backyard cricket is an Australian tradition as timeless as the Aussie BBQ! It’s a simple and much-loved pastime that is an integral part of summertime parties with friends. The great thing is you can easily use something like an esky or wheelie bin as makeshift wickets, or use a set of cheap plastic wickets.

A local park or oval is another great location for a more traditional cricket match if you have a larger group and appropriate cricket gear. Don’t worry if you lack the necessary players – there’s always the chance a friendly stranger will be happy to join in the fun.

If you have a limited number of players and nothing to use as a wicket, French cricket may be a fun and more accessible alternative to a traditional cricket match. You only need a bat and ball to get going, making French cricket perfect for small get-togethers or even a beach outing. Another great advantage is that this style of the game gives everyone an equal chance to bat and bowl. 

Where to watch cricket this summer

With so much cricket on this summer, you might feel bowled over trying to keep track of all the big cricket matches! Luckily, you can find all your cricket needs in one place, at the home of cricket – Channel 7. As our broadcast partner, Channel 7 is showcasing all Big Bash League and Australian International Test matches, so you can cheer on your favourite teams, free-to-air and from the comfort of your home.

Checking the latest weather updates

Whether it’s raining or scorching hot, the weather can have an incredible impact on the quality of play – and may even tip the scales in your team’s favour.

With the knowledge that hot and dry conditions favour the batting team, and humid and windy conditions favour the bowling team, it is helpful to know who will benefit from the predicted forecast on the day of a test match.

World Weather Online offers a comprehensive projection of weather details for a searchable list of cricket grounds and stadiums around the world. From wind and gust factor to precipitation and humidity, World Weather Online ensures every minute detail that may impact play is covered, so you’ll have a better understanding of the match ahead – regardless of which team you’re supporting.

And if you’re just after the weather conditions at the local park so you can hit a ball around, the Bureau of Meteorology has the most accurate forecast predictions throughout Australia.

Gutsy is calling – Vodafone is proud to be the official broadcast partner for Channel 7’s 2018/2019 Summer of Cricket.

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