Ah, summer. From pool parties to beach days, BBQs, and road trips -- the warmer months are a golden opportunity to get out of the house and see the world. Here's how to keep your smartphone SunSmart...

Slip, slop, slap it on your phone

The gentle sea breeze and hot sand, the splash from an epic flip into a backyard pool, road trips and BBQs — perfect for humans, danger zones for phones. We’re sure that some of you reading this have had your summer days ruined with an unexpected phone injury, so we’ve rounded up our favourite apps and products to help you get through it!

Unless you’re rocking one of the many waterproof smart phone options around the pool, liquid damage can be a particularly prevalent threat to relaxation by the water. A huge number of waterproof cases are available on the market, offering everything from 10m water depth protections to safeguarding against 10 story drops. OtterboxLifeproofHitcase Pro and Bessmate Underwater Cases provide durable solutions.

If you only need a shorter protection period for your phone — say, a day on the lake — consider JOTO’s Waterproof bag, which uses a zip-lock mechanism to keep your phone safe, and accessible from the outside so you don’t need to take it out to text. DryCase specialise in waterproof tech, and even stock thumping speakers — perfect for a beach bash!

Mobile and cost-effective, portable solar batteries are your best friend in summer. The XD Design Solar Window Charger sits on your window to take advantage of that summer sunlight – nature’s power point. The award-winning Solio Classic can recharge the average phone twice with a full tank of solar energy, and is so portable you can leave it next to you when lying on the beach. Lastly, the RAVPower solar charger provides a pro option that is both extraordinarily efficient and water-resistant.

Summer apps

Excessive overheating is a silent killer for your phone, and subsequently, your summer vibes. Cooler Master monitors your phone temperature in real time, detecting and shutting down the apps causing the most heat from your phone. For Android users, Coolify runs in the background to keep tabs on phone’s temp.

The Wolfram Sun Exposure app acts as a warning bell for overexposure to the sun (ideal for Australia’s often hazardous UV levels). By inputting your skin type, time spent in the sun, and SPF factor of your sunscreen, the app calculates the UV index of your location and recommends how long you can safely stay outside. For any general health events, the Red Cross First Aid app is a free pocket medical kit that has been downloaded over 2 million times.

For those who love a good surf, Hurley Surf Coastwatch or Seabreeze provides accurate tide and cycle data every few hours, localised for your favourite spot. General beachgoers can find identifying dangerous surf conditions a tricky skill to master – The Surf Life Saving Club’s official Beachsafe App brings topographical data to surf-safety, sending beach conditions to your phone before you have even left the house. It will let you know if your desired beach is patrolled, and provide educational tips in the surf ed tab for newcomers.

Lastly, and possibly the most important of all: GrillTimer provides over 100 methods to grill your summer BBQ, with a timer to ensure no meat is left behind.

Fast tips to keep your phone safe

  • Keeping it dry:If you get your phone wet, remove the battery/SIM card and place it in a bowl of rice for 48 hours. It’s not a certified way to protect a drenched device, but it’s been known to help!
  • Keeping it clean: Sunscreen, oils, lotions, aloe vera — summer offers a range of products with the unfortunate side effect of greasing up your phone screen. Try an external screen protector to avoid any damage.
  • Avoiding sand:Known to get literally anywhere, sand can clog up any sockets in your device. Use a zip-lock bag when going to the beach, or stick some headphones in the port to avoid anything else sinking in there!

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