Beaches, picnics, and pools are not considered the most phone-friendly hot spots, but — real talk — most of us are still snapping, reading, listening, and navigating with the help of our mobile mate. Here’s a light list of some heavy tech that’ll see you and your phone through to March.

Turn it up

The perfect sound of summer mixes the sea breeze and a jam-packed playlist. Warm-weather stereos should be portable enough to take anywhere and hardy enough to survive water, dirt, and dents. The UE Megaboom is slightly weightier than your average blaster, but packs 20 hours of battery life into a waterproof shell. For a lighter option: The splash-proof JBL Pulse 2 has an inbuilt LED light show that’ll bring the party wherever you go. For intrepid holidays, Braven’s BRV-X can survive up to one metre underwater and is covered in shockproof rubber. And for long days in the sand, the Nixon Blaster lasts 10 hours on a single charge and you can coordinate its multi-coloured options with your togs.

Turn it off

No one wants to crank the oven when it’s already roasting outside, so keep yours shut and open an app instead. There’s a service to suit every taste. Hit UberEATS for speedy delivery and exclusive deals from a range of smaller places; MenuLog for first-time discounts and delivery options outside larger cities; Foodora for up-market restaurants; and Deliveroo for bike couriers that service over 600 restaurants around Australia.

Stay switched on

This is a public service announcement: Phone batteries often die hard in warmer weather, especially if you’re camping or exploring the great outdoors. Make yours go the distance with the help of these tried-and-tested power banks. For campers, the BioLite NanoGrid merges a lantern and campsite lights with a USB charger. For long road trips, the Mophie Power Reserve can charge one phone up to six times. Near the water, Outdoor Tech’s Kodiak Plus is packed with power and will weather the wet. To charge multiple items, Belkin’s MIXIT Power Rockstar 10000 can handle three devices at once.

Make memories

It’s amazing what a little extra sleep, sun, and swim can do for a tired old face. Capture your best selfie with a little help from these devices. Lensbaby’s mobile kits make pics sharper and offer a range of effects — play with depth, blur the light, and refract the frame with the clip-on mount and lens system. Momentlens turns phones into a DSLR-like shutter thanks to wide, tele, and macro lenses. And Olloclip merges fisheye, wide-angle, plus macro 10x and 15x lenses into one component that slides onto your phone.

Inflatable flamingo in pool under blue skies

Stay safe

‘Tis the season to be lazy — but not stupid (if you can possibly help it.) Protect your skin with the Cancer Council’s SunSmart app, which advises on sun-safe times in your location, keeps up-to-date weather forecasts and can tell you how much SPF to slap on. None of this, however, will be any help if your phone is out of action. Keep your pal safe via a waterproof phone case. Lifeproof makes a great one for iPhone, and AquaStach has all models covered.

Happy summer!

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