Long gone are the days when phones, cameras, and computers had their own distinct identities. With each new release our mobile devices are capable of doing more with less. This means that, for staff in small or large businesses, the desktop setup has become a thing of the past.

With increased power and applications available, having the right tools means you can run a business from your tablet, working anywhere, anytime. While handsets allow you to mobile-manage your business, it’s often not the best app experience. The extra real estate of a tablet screen makes all the difference — here’s some of the apps we think make best use of tablet advantages.

Clear and present documents

Document management is often key to working from any technology; your papers, invoices, drafts and notes need to be accessible and editable. The industry standard suite remains Microsoft 365now available across both iOS and Android, containing tablet versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. Alternatives like Polaris Office 5 for iPad or OfficeSuite Pro for Android also get the job done using very similar functions on the same file formats.

A wireless keyboard and mouse will make navigation and typing easier, and you’ll get more screen space to read from without the frustrating, touch-screen keyboard. For storing hardcopy docs, Genius Scan forgoes the hassle of carrying a 3kg scanner around. It digitises documents through your tablet’s camera and exports them in JPG or PDF files to a variety of programs.

Tablets for business

With tablet in hand and a 3G or 4G connection humming, there’s no excuse for missing a meeting. The obvious, ubiquitous choice here is Skype but there are some other, interesting options.

Voxeet has a 3-D sound, speaker recognition feature, meaning you won’t lose track of who’s switched on, and who is keeping silent. Caller images appear around a virtual conference table. With headphones in, when a person on the right of screen speaks you’ll get a visual cue and hear them through the corresponding speaker.

UberConference has a bold, easy-to-use interface and allows you to learn more about meeting participants by clicking on their pictures, which will take you to their social media pages. You can send a strong message and ‘evict’ people from a call or just ‘earmuff’ them if they’re babbling aimlessly.

Show ‘em what you got

One of the key benefits of tablets is they’re large enough to share. When it’s time to present work, the hi-res screens and portability of a tablet make it the perfect tool. SlideShark for iOS displays PowerPoint presentations beautifully.

Showpad, available across all devices, takes things a little further with metrics and sales-focused capabilities. When presenting, you can increase display size by connecting your tablet to an HDTV or external display with an AV adaptor. At the very least, mount your device on a wall with some Command hooks or use a stand so you don’t have to lay your device flat on a table or awkwardly hold it.

Other tips:

  • Use your phone as a hotspot if your tablet is Wi-Fi but not yet 3G or 4G capable
  • Use tablet-compatible flash drives like the iStick to increase storage space or carry important work separate.
  • Make sure you have adapters to power your device worldwide.
  • Carry a portable battery like the Ventev Powercell or a LinearFlux for when you’re caught short.

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