The Samsung Galaxy A series is the perfect blend of Samsung quality and ingenuity combined with great value for money. And Samsung has recently released a new addition to their Galaxy A series range, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. This model utilises advanced smartphone technology available today, with a 32MP front camera as one of its most appealing features. In the era of the selfie, a good camera on your smartphone is a must, and these are the steps you can follow to take high-quality Samsung Galaxy A53 selfies.

AI-powered camera features to make your selfies pop

The Galaxy A53 features an AI-enhanced camera experience designed to help make every photo and video pop, even in low lighting.

AI-enhanced camera features are a key component for helping to take awesome selfies. Instead of needing to manually adjust settings and features, the front camera of the A53 can automatically adjust its framerate to suit different light conditions, while the AI Image Enhancer automatically enhances your photos so you can optimise your photos straight away. Taking the perfect selfie has never been easier.

The Galaxy A53 also has a range of different Modes you can make use of (including Night, Pro, Food and Hyperlapse) to really get the most out of your pics.

Add different filters for added fun

You can capture your favourite moments and add a cute, funny or quirky filter to them with Fun Mode. Fun Mode allows you to use awesome Snapchat Lenses, which are updated regularly, on your photos. Then you can share them directly with your friends or post them to your socials.

You can also add more traditional filters to your photo outside of Fun Mode. The filter icon resembles a magic wand (appropriate given that they add a magic touch to your selfie). Tap on that icon and scroll through the countless filter options you can add to your image. Once you’ve settled on the one you want, take the photo and watch your selected filter work its magic.

Make the most of object eraser

Erase accidental photo bombers and background objects that steal the focus of your selfie with object eraser. This feature does exactly what its name suggests — it enables you to erase any part of your selfie that you don’t love. And unlike certain other devices, getting rid of a significant portion of the photo won’t result in any loss in resolution; you’ll see your favourite parts of the photo in all their glory. This is a great tool to use for those moments when you take a selfie in which the centrepiece of the image looks great, but there’s something in the background that ruins the picture.

Capture moments quickly

Sometimes things happen so quickly that by the time you’ve unlocked your phone and opened up the camera app, that perfect moment has already passed. With the super convenient side-button camera access, you can quickly access your Galaxy A53’s camera to capture moments as they happen. Simply double press the power button on the side to activate the camera and you can snap your shot before the moment is gone.

You can also customise this side key feature so that it automatically opens up the app of your choice, not just the camera app.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 has a number of great features, and its ability to take incredible photos is just one of them. By using the simple tips above, you can ensure that you get the most out of your selfies with the Galaxy A53.


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