There always seems to be one more task to complete once you're ready to pack up and leave your workplace in the evening, and staying productive seems even more difficult when you're not working a traditional 9-5. So how can you actually be productive when you’re not at the office?

Thanks to the rapid development of cloud and mobile technology, workers and students of all persuasions can stay on task, and remain productive when they’re away from work. As a Vodafone Business Specialist, I recommend these four tips to staying productive to small business owners every day.

  1. Get acquainted with the Cloud

The cloud is fast becoming the go-to solution for many small business people when they need to be mobilised. Services like Office 365 sync documents across all of your devices, allowing you to grab whatever you need, whenever you need it. Spreadsheets, presentations, emails, the lot – are all securely stored in the cloud.

And for those folders and folders of information that you never know when you might need, use a service like Dropbox to store it securely, and access it anytime. No more USBs!

  1. Jump into groups

Staying in touch with work is easier than ever, thanks to services like WhatsApp and Slack. WhatsApp is a messaging app – available to download on both iOS and Android – that makes staying in touch with staff a breeze. Setting up group chats is easy, and all chats are encrypted end-to-end, meaning that your sensitive information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Slack is another team messaging app, built specifically for business use. It allows you to share documents and data with staff securely and simply, with the ability to setup separate channels inside the app, so that only the people you need to speak to will hear you. The app also has a great calling feature, enabling face to face video chat, as well as traditional voice calling over the internet.

  1. Be timely

Office workspaces are designed for optimal productivity, but when you step outside of that comfort zone, distractions abound and your rate of achievement may begin to slow. Apps like allow users to stay on track by providing daily Moments, compiling your daily tasks into a small window for review, giving you a wide overview of your day. is also collaborative, which makes staying across the tasks of various teams and staff members so much easier.

For longer periods away from the office, Google Calendar is super useful for scheduling meetings, keeping tabs on your travel and organising staff from a distance. If you use Google’s G Suite for your business, any flight and accommodation bookings sent to your Gmail are automatically added to the calendar, leaving you with more time to work.

  1. Don’t stress

For some, working out of the office can be a rather stressful experience, lacking the structures and familiarity of day-to-day office life. Mindfulness meditation applications are super handy for keeping you grounded and in the best possible frame of mind, and can be used during your commute or in a break. Australian not-for-profit SmilingMind has a particularly great Mindfulness Meditation app, with a user-friendly UI and easy tools for tracking your progress.

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Harrison Worley

Business Specialist

Harrison Worley,
Business Specialist

Harrison provides a frontline perspective to tech and social media. As a Vodafone Business Specialist, Harrison is passionate about how technology can improve the lives and everyday workflows of anyone -- from a small business owner to a uni student.