Sometimes you can’t be where you need to be or work the way you want. Working from home can be disruptive, but with a few simple steps you can be up and running in no time.

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With a bit of preparation, working from home can be just as productive as in the office.

Find a spot to work: somewhere quiet where you can talk freely and sit comfortably.

Establish your working hours: it’s easy to lose track of the hours you work when at home.

Set expectations with family or flatmates: discuss where and at what times you are going to be working at home, so you can be productive without being disrupted.

Keep secure

Not certain you’re completely secure when working away from the office? Keep all your important documents and communications safe with a few simple steps:

Understand your company’s cyber and data protection policies. Be sure your team understands your security policies too.

Password protect your network and devices. Check they also have the latest security software installed.

Avoid sending confidential business information on your personal email. Be wary of any suspicious links, attachments or pop-ups you receive.


Working remotely for the first time? It’s easy to lose touch with team members who are now working long distances apart. However, with a few shared principles you can feel like you’re all in the same room:

Agree a regular time to check-in with each other, even if it’s only to say ‘Hi’.

Discuss the best way of working to suit your team. Share tips about how to get the best out of shared workspaces, use collaboration apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

Confirm where you’ll store classified information. Understand your company’s secure cloud storage options.

Stay charged

It’s not only important to keep your devices powered up. Be sure to keep yourself charged too – take breaks and keep your energy levels up.


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