Whether you can’t tell the difference between an A# and D♭, or you’ve taken piano lessons in the past, there are many apps that can help those of all skill levels gain a better understanding of instruments and music theory. We’ve provided a list of apps to help you in your rise to stardom!


If you want to start a band or even serenade a loved one, the guitar is a fun and versatile instrument that gives you the opportunity to cover a variety of popular songs. As a comprehensive digital tutor, Yousician is the perfect place to start for the beginner guitarist. Yousician comes with a catalogue of exercises, lessons and videos, and listens to you perform, providing you with instant feedback as you play along with a song. It includes lessons on music theory, teaches you picking and strumming techniques, and is also available for singing, piano and bass guitar. If you’re just looking for a simple paint-by-numbers approach to learning your favourite songs, the Ultimate Guitar app showcases an in-depth library of guitar tabs & chords created by other users, in an easy-to-understand structure.


Not all of us were born with the voice of an angel, but there are many ways you can help to improve the quality of your singing voice without the need for an expensive vocal coach. SingTrue is a helpful app that teaches you both how to sing and how to correctly identify sung notes. SingTrue tracks your progress from ‘Tone Deaf’ to ‘Operatic Master’, showing the accuracy of your pitch over time. A great way to warm up your vocal chords is with some tailored singing exercises – that’s where Vanido comes in. Vanido also provides a range of singing techniques and styles to help you improve in whichever style you prefer.

Music Theory

Learning how to read and understand music might seem like an uphill battle. However, there are a number of great apps can help make music notation a fun and engaging subject. Music Theory Helper is a great app for beginners that comes with a variety of listening and reading exercises that will grow your knowledge of notes, scales, time signatures and more. Notes – Sight Reading Trainer is suited for those who wish to gain a more in-depth understanding of music theory. It mimics the look and feel of real sheet music and will develop your sight-reading ability. Notes – Sight Reading Trainer also comes with visual aids (such as note values) for when you get stuck on a tricky part.


Learning the piano can give you fundamentals that can transfer well across to other instruments. If you want a simple approach to learning piano for a true beginner, Tiny Piano is a great place to start. With a huge library of songs and the ability to play the songs at whatever pace suits you, Tiny Piano is a cool way to practice the piano on the go. As you play the keyboard on your device’s screen, this app is better suited to a tablet. On the other hand, Simply Piano takes a more technical view of learning the piano. The Simply Piano app listens to the piano or keyboard you are using and gives you instant feedback on your playing. It also comes with step-by-step lessons and uses sheet music to help improve your understanding of music notation.


For those who love creating loud noises, the drums may seem like the perfect instrument, but there’s a big stretch between hitting drums and mastering beat patterns. Apps such as Drum Guru™ can help you bridge this gap. With an extensive catalogue of instructional videos from famous drummers and sheet music for drums, you’ll become a technically sound drummer in no time. Plus, Drum Guru™ has an interactive practice mode which plays back notation at the speed of your choice and can be looped. If you’d like some help with creating drum loops and patterns, DrumJam is an app that allows you to access an assortment of percussion and drum sounds to create beats. With the choice of tempo, time signature, pitch and instrument volume all customisable, DrumJam is the right option for the drummer who wants to avoid annoying their neighbours.

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