Are you thinking of jetting off somewhere this summer? A little bit of forward planning can go a long way. Check out our must-know travel hacks to save you both time and money on your next holiday.

Compare, compare, compare

Booking transport or accommodation directly from company websites could have you missing out on some serious savings. Try hopping on travel comparison websites like Skyscanner and KAYAK that allow you to compare airfares, accommodation and car rentals to find the best deals. Don’t forget to compare your comparison websites either, as one may be offering a better deal.

A browse through Airbnb is also a great idea. Unlike hotels, some Airbnbs will offer amenities like kitchens and laundries, meaning you can cut down on expensive restaurant meals and avoid waiting around at a laundromat or paying through the nose to have your clothes laundered.

Take your own tour

By downloading a walking tour app, you can explore a city at your own pace and focus on what you really want to see. A standout is the Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app which lets users download audio tracks straight to their smartphone, meaning they can be used across Europe without mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Charge the right way

If you’re somebody who travels with multiple devices, they’ll probably need charging at the end of the day. Why not invest in a single travel adaptor and powerboard? While slightly clunkier, a simple powerboard means you won’t need to buy several travel adaptors or have your devices sprawled across your hotel room in different plugs.

Forgot your adaptor? You might still be able to power up your phone and other USB devices by plugging your charger into the USB port of your hotel TV.

Prevent jet lag

If you want to hit the ground running, head to the online calculator Jet Lag Rooster for a personalised schedule designed to reduce the impacts of jet lag. Simply input your trip details and Jet Lag Rooster will create a sleep plan to help make your transition between time zones easier. You could even use this on your return journey back to Australia.

Sort out your phone plan

Save yourself the hassle and sort out your phone plan before you leave for your holiday. With Vodafone’s $5 Roaming, you can use your plan in 80 countries for an extra $5 a day, so that you can continue to use your current phone number and your plan’s inclusions during your trip. Check out which countries have $5 Roaming rates. T&C apply.

Prepare to go offline

If you happen to find yourself in a remote destination without internet access, all is not lost. You can prepare for these instances by downloading PDFs of your important documents, like tickets and booking references, to your smartphone.

And if you rely on Google Maps for navigation, you’re in luck. Google allows users to save particular areas onto your phone or tablet so you’ll be able to find your own way even when offline.

Terms and conditions

$5 Roaming
Countries subject to change, see current list and full details. Available to eligible customers. $5 Daily Charge is in addition to minimum monthly spend. For all postpaid plans, once your included data, Hotspot Data (available on Ultra+ Plans), or Max Speed data (as applicable for your plan) is exhausted, additional data will be automatically added at a charge of $5/GB ($0.005/MB) (“Additional Data”). Additional Data expires at the end of your billing month, is not shareable and can only be used while in $5 Roaming countries. Prepaid services need to add a Prepaid Roaming Add-On. Opt-out at any time, visit My Vodafone or call 1555. All roaming services subject to network availability.

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Tara Fernandez

Digital Copywriter and Content Producer

Tara Fernandez,
Digital Copywriter and Content Producer

With a background in creative content writing, Tara is a skilled copywriter on the Vodafone Digital Content Team. She is experienced in editing and social media, and has a passion for travelling and playing pool terribly.