Aicha is using the skills she has learned working in the fashion industry to start her own, eco friendly fashion label. An Upside made possible by her suite of mobile tools and social networks.

My day job is my full-time fashion blog. The Fashion Heist and working with stylist Kimberly Gardner. It’s a great day job as I get to play with fashion all day long.

I’m lucky that my full time job is a part of my passion but my ultimate dream is working full time on my eco fashion label – The Great Beyond. It would be great to have that as my sole job, so I can continuously work on designs, marketing plans , and photo shoots.

I was inspired by the team from Undress Runways to pursue my eco fashion label, with my partner Nick Azar. It just seemed to be the next logical step from my fashion blog.Once we got the idea stuck in our heads, it just happened. Within a few months, The Great Beyond was born. It’s just us two, so it can get hard at times but we wouldn’t change a thing.

Aicha fasion

Photo by Aicha

I’m constantly online, whether it’s sharing on social media platforms such as Instagram or We Heart It . Sometimes I need to submit briefs or share imagery with clients or PR agencies on the go with Dropbox, and without 4G I wouldn’t be able to complete these tasks efficiently. In business today, you need fast internet with you everywhere you go.

I’ve been determined and focused from a young age. My serious side always drove me to focus on my work more than my ‘life’, which I now see as a positive, but maybe if I had lightened up or let go occasionally it would have been easier. I would tell my younger self “If your intention is true and pure, everything will work out. Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Honestly, I’ve only started taking that advice now!

My plan is to take my fashion label on an old-school tour around Australia, getting personal with retailers and showcasing my product on the road. Mobile will be at the heart of this venture as we share details, imagery and keep up with orders, of course. It’s going to be testing but in the end totally worth it!

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