I am a Social Work graduate.

My passion is photography, especially travel, portrait and architecture. I’m also doing freelance photography during my free time shooting weddings, events, portraits, products and travel promotions.

I’ve been taking photos with a film camera since I was a child. I spend a lot of time looking at amazing photos from Instagram, 500px, and other photo sharing platforms. I’ve made a lot of friends throughout my photography journey, many of them inspiring me to boost my ideas and encouraging me to pursue my photography goals.

Human in Sydney

Photo by Eric Yang

I’d like to start sharing the behind-the-scene stories of each of my shoots on Instagram. The idea would be for my followers around the world to feel like they are watching a live show of my journey. As I post more and more photos in real-time, it becomes essential that I have a phone that is connected to a reliable network.
I would tell my younger self to be patient. You need a little bit more patience to get the perfect photo. Likewise, you need to be more patient facing your own life. Being nervous will not help. Everything in your life needs a bit of patience.

I am planning to travel around Asia from April to June. I’ve got my flights booked to China. I’m looking forward to sharing both the forgotten and well known parts of Asia to the world.

Check out Eric’s photography at Instagram.com/humaninsydney

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