Nick works in a video production studio by day. He uses these skills to pursue his real passion for action sports filmmaking. His work has attracted a huge social following, and he now finds time to teach kids what he’s learned along the way.

During the week I work full time at a production house, on everything from documentaries to music videos. It’s great because I’ve learnt a lot there in the past two years which has definitely benefited my side hustle: action sports filmmaking.

I began filming my friends at the skatepark at the age of 13. When I was 15 I travelled to California with my friends and shot a clip over there. Since then, it kind of blew up. I’ve now travelled to America a few times, the UK a few times, Europe, New Zealand, and Asia filming all kinds of Action Sports. The fact that I have an upside that I get paid for without it feeling like ‘work’ is something I’m so thankful for.

I’ve also done a lot of teaching. I’ve held summer camps where kids have come and stayed with me on the Monster Skatepark Action Sports camps. I’ve taught them everything I could within a week as well as volunteering at my old primary school where students created films and we had a screening at the end of the year.

Stakeboarding stunts

Picture by Nick Hodgskin

Like most skaters, as a kid I was constantly on YouTube watching skateboarding videos. I’ve always been fascinated with technology, so whenever there was a family event I was always the one with the camera. My grandparents bought me a camera for my 13th birthday and straight away I was looking into editing programs and copying things I’d seen in skate videos. I began a YouTube channel when I turned 15 and was fascinated that I was getting hundreds of views on my videos from all over the world. These days I have over 16,000,000 views on my channel and it’s the people that tune in each time and send me messages telling me how much they love my videos that keep me inspired today.

Being on the road and having to upload things as they happen to social media is really important to keep my followers in the moment.

Some advice to my younger self would be to back up your footage and get yourself organised. Your 23-year-old self will appreciate it!

I honestly don’t know where my filmmaking will take me. I have a few projects in the planning with some friends of mine and a side project with my girlfriend. I never thought it’d come this far so each year is a huge surprise to me. All I know is that I’m super excited.

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