I am an entrepreneur – I work on my own online beauty business, Nudie Glow. I’m always working. If not in the office, I could be working on the tram or on the couch, as long as I have my phone on hand.

I love food and taking photos, so I combine the two and take photos of food as a food blogger. You will often find me at cafes and restaurants taking photos of my food and sharing it on Instagram.

I always had a passion for photography. I discovered Instagram back when it was all about instant uploading and photo sharing. I got onto it and started sharing my work. I started Instagram by sharing photos of Melbourne and soon built an audience. Gradually, I noticed that food was becoming the most popular photos in my feed. I was started getting invited to food events, so I decided to focus more on food!

Food Canvas

Photo by Ruby Wang

Mobile technology plays a big part in my life. Having a smartphone with fast internet has helped make my food blogging possible. I usually take photos with my phone if I don’t have my camera, then I can edit on the spot and upload it onto Instagram to share with my audience. I’m now also creating and sharing video content on Instagram, so network speed and reliability is important. I usually spend my time travelling on trams working on my blog, which wouldn’t be possible without mobile!

Some advice I’d give to my younger self is to chase your passion as soon as I find it. Don’t hesitate for fear of failure.

In the future, hopefully I’ll get to use skills I’ve picked up to help other cafés and restaurants to build their social media content.

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