Whitney's day job in finance allows her to pursue her passion for travel. Witney travels with an agenda. Armed with her trusty DSLR, she hunts for the most amazing photos, publishing them on her travel blog.

By day, I work in finance, but in my spare time, I unleash my inner creative; I travel the world, photographing unbelievable experiences and share them with my wanderlusting followers.

I remember, before Instagram became the ‘it’ thing, I met a friend who worked for a big tech company who also happened to capture these gorgeous travel and landscape images. When I first saw his Instagram, I realised it could be a real creative outlet and my outlook on photography changed. Finally, it has become so accessible to everyone.

Victoria - Melbourne

Picture by Whitney Louise

Mobile technology is everything when it comes to being a millennial, but especially as a digital influencer. I often find myself on social media looking for the next new café in Melbourne, or researching for work, or soaking up creative inspiration for my blog. I also use Adobe Lightroom/VSCO to edit my content, which is so easy because it syncs from my mobile to my laptop. I am constantly switching between my phone and laptop, depending on what I need to edit and what channels I need to upload to.

If I could tell my younger self anything, it would be to stop building yourself a safety net, and don’t be scared to jump!

These days, I’m still learning to take that leap of faith. I think its human instinct to enjoy stability, but with experience and wisdom, I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s better let go and give yourself a chance to follow your dreams and mistakes along the way. That’s living.

Check out Whitney’s travels at Instagram.com/whitneylouise

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