A picture paints a thousand words but a video shows a thousand pictures. Anyone who takes a quick look on Facebook or Instagram will see how video has become the preferred method of communicating ideas and stories. If you want to make an impression, sharing low-quality videos just isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, video editing doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t need fancy equipment to make quality videos - just a smartphone. Here are some popular, beginner-friendly video editing apps for you to use whether you’re creating your own brand or just want to edit a few clips to post on social or just for fun.


If your goal is to turn images and videos into stories as quickly and easily as possible, then you might want to look into Magisto. This app can help you create amazing videos with just a few quick taps. All you have to do is choose the images and videos you want included and apply an editing style. Editing styles vary from heart-warming ‘love’ and ‘memories’ options to exciting ‘dance’ and ‘extreme’ story options. Apply your own music or choose from a variety of tracks provided.

Magisto is free on both iOS and Android platforms. Upgrading to their business plan gives you the ability to reorder scenes in your videos.


Incredibly close in terms of capabilities to its Mac desktop counterpart, the iMovie app is a part of Apple’s suite of applications on the iOS and is a powerful video editing tool if you’re looking for something intuitive but also packed with useful features on your iPhone. You can slice videos, arrange them in a timeline and add basic transitions to give it that extra bit of professional touch. Plus, easily scrub through your project by simply dragging your finger across the screen. Don’t forget to add text overlays, filters and themes to your projects to really tell your story.

iMovie is free for all Mac and iOS users and is included right out of the box with newer generations of iPhones.


LumaFX is perfect if all you want to do is make quick and easy fixes to video clips on your iPhone. Whether it’s for reorienting videos that are playing sideways (because you had the phone the wrong way), or for readjusting videos that have a horrible colour cast, LumaFX has a solution for you that doesn’t require hours of learning or messing around with features. It comes with all the basic crop, rotate and position capabilities that lets you change the aspect ratio to portrait, landscape and even square images. You’ll also be able to adjust audio levels and pull full-resolution images from any frame of a video.

LumaFX is available for purchase on the App Store for devices with iOS 9 and above.


If you’re big on social media, particularly Instagram, then Quik™ might be the right video editing app for you. Quik™ is a video editing software developed by GoPro with Instagrammers in mind, but is also a great choice for anyone who wants to create social-worthy videos in just a few clicks. The app will do most of the work, automatically taking up to 200 images, videos and music, and transforming it into something fun and engaging. Quik™ will also analyse and emphasise your best moments for you, or you can choose them for yourself, among other things like text, style, font, emojis, filters and trims.

Quik™ is free to download on Android and iOS devices.


PowerDirector comes with strong features and a user-friendly interface for Android devices. It boasts 4k videos with hardware support which makes it possible for your created content to be pulled on a big screen — something not a lot of other apps can claim to do. You can do all your fundamental trimming, titles and transitions, plus neat features like voice-over and blue screen/green screen capabilities that are surprisingly easy to use, even for beginners.

PowerDirector is free to install on Android devices — though you’ll need to pay a monthly fee for 4k features.

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Jason Chen

Digital Copywriter and Content Producer

Jason Chen,
Digital Copywriter and Content Producer

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