Less photocopying and coffee-fetching, more inter-state travel, executive workshops, and company ‘hack’ presentations. While every year, each department’s grads have a different experience, one thing’s for sure -- Vodafone grads never get bored.

We stopped to chat to Tanya Siriprayook, a former grad who works as Infrastructure Demand Planner in our Chatswood office. She let us in on the ups, downs, and loop-de-loops down the slide in our Hobart contact centre.

A little about me…

I grew up in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs and attended Marist Sisters College, Woolwich. I guess I was always a good student, so I went on to graduate from UTS with Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

When I was at Uni

I had a few odd jobs, from working as a waitress, to serving at Boost Juice and as a Christmas casual at David Jones. In my final year, I landed my first corporate gig as a cadet at National Australia Bank. When that wound-up, that I went to work as an intern for a year at Commonwealth Bank. I was definitely busy and learnt a lot, but my best advice it to start networking early! I wish I’d taken some time out to meet other professionals and participate in extra curriculum activities.

Light, camera, action!

As fate would have it, I think it was just when I was starting to network on LinkedIn when I saw the Vodafone Grad Programme application. I began the online test, which included verbal reasoning, numerical and psychometric elements.

I was given some questions and recorded myself answering them on video, which was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life! I got through it, and made it through to the assessment centre.

The Playground

I arrived at Vodafone HQ, and for a split second, I thought I was in the wrong building as the address read Coca Cola Place. I worked it out soon enough, and walked through the foyer to The Playground, a big, colourful place. I knew then that this would be different to anything I’ve ever done!

The day was filled with group work, presentations, team building exercises and 1:1 interviews. Thankfully, the assessors were very friendly and went out of their way to make us feel relaxed after some initial awkwardness. The day went well, and then came the wait by the phone to see if I’d made it. Luckily, I did, and so began a really exciting year…

Your mission: Flying to Hobart to ‘hack’ the Contact Centre

Rather than just shadowing the IT teams, the tech grads were given a serious mission to get us ‘stuck in’ at the front lines of the business. Our task was to fly down to Hobart, observe the Contact Centre’s technology pain-points, and pitch our solutions to senior leadership. Three senior experts from different sectors came down to brief us on the team, the tech pain-points, and project management skills to help us through the exercise. It was clear that fixing this process was really important, both for the staff and for the customers, and it felt good to know that the company had so much faith in our abilities to give a fresh perspective.

We flew in and were given a grand tour of the Contact Centre, which was even cooler than the Sydney office! The design was so modern, they had so many different spaces, and we finally got to see the famous red slippery slides connecting the levels.
Without time to waste, we kicked-off the day by listening in to phone calls and talking to the technology teams, who were friendly, but obviously very busy. I learnt so much about how we talk to customers and what a difference those conversations make; it was clear that anything we could do to make the Care agent’s process easier would be so important to customer resolution.

The rest of the afternoon was spent rotating through different stations – the Outbound team, e/Care and the Care Shift Desk. All the while, we noted how the systems worked; how efficient they were, they strengths and weaknesses, and where the gaps were.

Think tank time

Once we were back in Sydney, it was time to workshop our ideas. We spent the morning prepping our pitches in groups. Our idea was to implement the Genesys system to combine all the different systems in to one.

Pitching to the panel was really hard at first, but I was really proud of our solution. The idea was that if we had one combined system it could track any customer queries irrespective of which platform they raised it on. Our feedback was really well received, and even though it wasn’t the exact solution that was implemented, we were definitely leaning in the right direction.

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