We're planning to build 74 mobile base stations across Australia to improve mobile coverage and competition in regional areas.

Providing better coverage and choice to regional Australians is one of our core commitments at Vodafone, and we’re proud to be investing more than $20 million to build 74 of these sites in New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria. The Vodafone Mobile Black Spot Program Rollout Schedule* is below:

Base station name Base station identifier State Estimated completion
Spring Mountain Road MBSP-NSW-118 NSW On Air
Invergowrie MBSP-NSW-065 NSW On Air
Bothwell MBSP-TAS-003 TAS On Air
Walcha MBSP-NSW-130 NSW On Air
Crowea MBSP-WA-023 WA On Air
Bicheno MBSP-TAS-002 TAS On Air
Elsmore MBSP-NSW-052 NSW On Air
Manildra MBSP-NSW-079 NSW On Air
Woodstock MBSP-NSW-141 NSW On Air
Cargo MBSP-NSW-029 NSW On Air
Cooyar MBSP-QLD-019 QLD On Air
Molong MBSP-NSW-088 NSW On Air
Cumnock MBSP-NSW-042 NSW On Air
Capricorn Highway MBSP-QLD-014 QLD 2017 – Q1
Buckland MBSP-TAS-005 TAS 2017 – Q1
Little Swanport MBSP-TAS-029 TAS 2017 – Q1
Okehampton Beach MBSP-TAS-020 TAS 2017 – Q2
Bodallin MBSP-WA-046 WA 2017 – Q2
Kumbia MBSP-QLD-042 QLD 2017 – Q2
Steppes MBSP-TAS-012 TAS 2017 – Q2
Takone MBSP-TAS-026 TAS 2017 – Q2
Lowesdale (Riverina Hwy) MBSP-NSW-112 NSW 2017 – Q2
Weethalle MBSP-NSW-135 NSW 2017 – Q2
Castlereagh Highway (Ben Bullen) MBSP-NSW-030 NSW 2017 – Q3
Jemalong MBSP-NSW-066 NSW 2017 – Q3
Gooloogong MBSP-NSW-059 NSW 2017 – Q3
Tabbita MBSP-NSW-120 NSW 2017 – Q3
Tarraleah MBSP-TAS-028 TAS 2017 – Q3
Eugowra MBSP-NSW-054 NSW 2017 – Q3
Noonbinna MBSP-NSW-101 NSW 2017 – Q3
Cultowa MBSP-NSW-041 NSW 2017 – Q3
Manna Mountain MBSP-NSW-081 NSW 2017 – Q3
Westdale MBSP-NSW-137 NSW 2017 – Q3
Boyneside MBSP-QLD-010 QLD 2017 – Q3
Koorawatha MBSP-NSW-071 NSW 2017 – Q3
Attunga MBSP-NSW-004 NSW 2017 – Q3
Billimaria MBSP-NSW-012 NSW 2017 – Q3
Ungarie MBSP-NSW-128 NSW 2017 – Q3
Verona Sands MBSP-TAS-030 TAS 2017 – Q3
Tabulam MBSP-NSW-022 NSW 2017 – Q3
Miena MBSP-TAS-017 TAS 2017 – Q4
Wayatinah MBSP-TAS-015 TAS 2017 – Q4
Swansea MBSP-TAS-025 TAS 2017 – Q4
Mid Western Hwy (Gunbar) MBSP-NSW-085 NSW 2017 – Q4
Piallamore MBSP-NSW-107 NSW 2017 – Q4
Pyengana MBSP-TAS-021 TAS 2017 – Q4
Mid Western Hwy (Gunbar South) MBSP-NSW-086 NSW 2017 – Q4
Moonbi MBSP-NSW-089 NSW 2017 – Q4
Oakdene MBSP-NSW-104 NSW 2017 – Q4
Hamilton TAS MBSP-TAS-011 TAS 2017 – Q4
Dingo MBSP-QLD-025 QLD 2017 – Q4
Barraba MBSP-NSW-008 NSW 2017 – Q4
Hallsville MBSP-NSW-061 NSW 2017 – Q4
Sandy Hills MBSP-NSW-021 NSW 2017 – Q4
Apslawn MBSP-TAS-001 TAS 2017 – Q4
Mount Carrington MBSP-NSW-090 NSW 2017 – Q4
Goshen MBSP-TAS-010 TAS 2017 – Q4
Savernake MBSP-NSW-116 NSW 2017 – Q4
Fossickers Way MBSP-NSW-056 NSW 2017 – Q4
Oxley Vale MBSP-NSW-105 NSW 2017 – Q4
Manilla MBSP-NSW-080 NSW 2017 – Q4
Piora MBSP-NSW-109 NSW 2017 – Q4
Duri MBSP-NSW-050 NSW 2017 – Q4
Warral MBSP-NSW-121 NSW 2017 – Q4
Culmaran Creek MBSP-NSW-040 NSW 2018 – Q1
Brandum MBSP-TAS-004 TAS 2018 – Q1
Lake Corella MBSP-QLD-005 QLD 2018 – Q2
Yelvertoft MBSP-QLD-003 QLD 2018 – Q2
Pilliga Forrest (Newell Hwy) MBSP-NSW-100 NSW 2018 – Q2
Glen Valley MBSP-VIC-042 VIC 2018 – Q2
Mount Hourigan MBSP2-NSW-001 NSW 2018 – Q2
Doughboy Mountain MBSP2-NSW-037 NSW 2018 – Q2
The Yellow Mountain MBSP2-NSW-008 NSW 2018 – Q2
Yolla MBSP2-TAS-001 TAS 2018 – Q2

*Note: The locations on the rollout schedule are subject to change. Timeframes for the rollout of new base stations may vary due to a range of factors, including local government development approval processes and community consultation periods.

This investment in regional areas would not have been possible without the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program which funds not only improvements in mobile coverage but also mobile competition in regional and remote areas where it is severely lacking. This investment will help boost employment opportunities and improve community safety while giving local consumers and businesses more choice. The new base stations are the result of local communities identifying areas of inadequate mobile coverage and, in many cases, working together to identify appropriate sites for new base stations that meet local planning needs, have ready access to power sources and are easily accessible.

The Australian Government has committed $220 million to the Mobile Black Spot Program to improve mobile coverage along major regional transport routes, in small communities, and in locations prone to natural disasters.

Unfortunately, we have a unique situation in Australia where previous government funding arrangements have discouraged competition in regional areas. It means customers in many areas of regional Australia simply have no alternative to paying high prices for services because there is only one provider.

Vodafone is pleased the Federal Government has recognised that successful government initiatives deliver both coverage and choice for regional consumers. The Mobile Black Spot Program’s combination of subsidised construction of mobile base stations with a requirement on the telco industry to work together to share this infrastructure is a major step forward.

Reconnecting Australia

We know that further investment in regional mobile services could see billions of dollars of innovation and productivity benefits for regional Australia. From agriculture and small businesses to health and education, investment in mobile base stations is an investment in our country’s future.

Vodafone and stakeholders including the National Farmers’ Federation are continuing to advocate for improved regional telecommunications services, including a permanent Mobile Black Spot Program.

The Australian Government holds the key to fast tracking this investment in Australia. Vodafone believes the $300 million in funding provided to Telstra every year under the Universal Service Obligation (USO) – To maintain its outdated copper network and payphones in regional areas where the NBN is being built- could be much better spent on improving regional mobile services.

With the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into the current USO arrangements underway, we have a once in a generation opportunity to secure a better outcome for regional Australia.

What you can do to help

We encourage you to read the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report, provide your views, and register your interest to be kept informed about the progress of the inquiry and opportunities to provide further input.

Contact your local Member NOW and let them know you support a permanent Mobile Black Spot Program for regional Australia.

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Tim McPhail

Head of Public Policy

Tim McPhail,
Head of Public Policy

As the Regional Connect specialist at Red Wire, Tim is passionate about improving mobile coverage and choice for regional and rural Australia. Tim also advocates for policies to support digital innovation in agriculture.