• Vodafone is partnering with the National Farmers’ Federation to help digitally transform Australian agriculture.
  • Telecommunications will play a major role in farm productivity.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will help Australian farmers become more efficient and grow.
  • To take full advantage of these opportunities we need reliable, modern telecommunications infrastructure and competition.

Innovation and competition in regional telecommunications are vital to fulfilling Australia’s potential as the leading high-end agricultural producer for Asia. That’s why Vodafone is so pleased to be partnering with the National Farmers’ Federation on initiatives which promise to digitally transform Australian agriculture and help Australian farmers become more efficient and grow.

Asian consumers are increasingly turning to Australia for high-quality produce as their wealth grows and their tastes change.

This means the mining boom is giving way to the dining boom

Our high-quality farming output will provide an enormous opportunity for the Australian economy. To maximise the benefits and prosperity for regional communities, our farmers are looking to upgrade all aspects of production and distribution. Telecommunications will play a major role in farm productivity and connecting Australians living outside the cities.

Our partnership with the National Farmers’ Federation will capture the opportunities for mobile technology to drive agricultural productivity, especially through Internet of Things (IoT) services. IoT technologies mean that farmers can monitor water and grain storage levels on their tablets rather than travelling around their vast properties. They can measure soil moisture levels and remotely activate irrigators at the touch of a button.

The potential productivity gains are huge.

But to take full advantage of these and other opportunities we need not only reliable, modern telecommunications infrastructure, but competition as well.

While telecommunications companies including Vodafone invest significantly in regional Australia, coverage gaps remain in areas which are uneconomic to serve. As the National Farmers’ Federation has identified, we need to collaborate by bringing together farmers, agribusiness professionals, consumers, telecommunications companies and governments to deliver solutions to meet regional Australia’s unique and diverse needs.

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Tim McPhail

Head of Public Policy

Tim McPhail,
Head of Public Policy

As the Regional Connect specialist at Red Wire, Tim is passionate about improving mobile coverage and choice for regional and rural Australia. Tim also advocates for policies to support digital innovation in agriculture.