There is no denying that my youngster is growing up in a world far different to the one I spent my childhood in.

The online opportunities available to him – from entertainment to education, socialising and more – are huge. Along with that, comes new risks and considerations for parents.

As parents, we’re innately aware that the internet is not always the safest place, especially for our children. That’s why one of Australia’s most trusted cyber security providers, Norton™, has joined forces with Vodafone to provide a range of security suites to meet the needs of all Australian families.

A new report by Norton™, launched this week, has found that cybercrime impacted six million Australians in 2017. That’s one in three adults, with young people topping the list of most common victims.

So, to help families stay protected, Vodafone is the first telco in Australia to offer the Norton™ range of consumer products on a monthly subscription, with no commitment, which is bound to be way easier on family budgets than an annual fee. Using Pay with Vodafone, people can easily add and or remove their Norton™ subscriptions each month.

It’s all part of the flexible Vodafone approach aimed at giving people more choice and flexibility, rather than tying people up to yet another long-term commitment.

In a nutshell, here are the Norton™ products available through Vodafone:

• Norton™ Security — helps keep your Windows PC, Mac and mobile devices safe from viruses and other online threats and can be used across a range of five devices per subscription. $9.99/month

• Norton™ Mobile Security — great when you need protection for up to three smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android™. $2.99/month

• Norton™ Family Premier — parental control software that helps protect your kids from online threats by showing you what they’re doing online and identifying potential dangers before they become problems. $4.49/month

• Norton™ WiFi Privacy — this one helps keep your private information private when you’re online using public Wi-Fi at home or abroad. $8.99/month

Introductory trial offer – two months of online safety at no cost

To help as many Aussie families as possible get protected when online, our customers can trial Norton™ Security, Norton™ Mobile Security, and Norton™ Family Premier free for the first two months. That’s right, no monthly fee for the first two months. This is for current postpaid and mobile broadband Vodafone customers and newcomers to Vodafone.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple. Head to, select the products you want, add them to your bill in a few simple clicks, then activate and download the Norton™ software to your laptop, tablet or mobile devices. If you need to change your subscriptions just head to, click ‘manage subscriptions’ and customise your protection.

Internet security technologies don’t take the place of parental involvement and education about the online world. Combining the two is the best way to help families safely get the most out of our digital world.

A bit more about each Norton™ product

Norton™ Family Premier provides parental controls to help children explore and enjoy the digital world safely. Parents are able to monitor and control viewable content as well as receive alerts when their children share personally identifiable information encouraging conversations on safe online habits. The software also helps to balance the amount of time children spend on their devices with the ability to control when the device is able to be used, for example locking the device during school hours.

Norton™ Security helps to secure devices against viruses, malware and other online threats, meaning if my child does unknowingly try to download dangerous content our computer and most importantly our data is protected.

Norton™ Mobile Security provides mobile devices with protection from malware and dangerous applications. It also has the ability to block unwanted calls and text messages as well as allows for the device to be locked remotely if the device is ever lost or stolen.

Norton™ WiFi Privacy offers bank-grade protection encryption when using public Wi-Fi networks, allowing you to browse in peace knowing that any data you send or receive is encrypted by your own Virtual Private Network.

Terms and conditions

Available to postpaid customers. Offer ends 11 February 2019. T&Cs apply, see

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Ben McIntosh

Chief Commercial Officer

Ben McIntosh,
Chief Commercial Officer

As Consumer Business Unit Director at Vodafone, Ben is one of Australia’s foremost telco thought leaders with a strong background in retail. Ben is deeply passionate about freedom and choice, and about challenging the status quo for our customers.