There are countless natural wonders to enjoy in the world and waterfalls are a common favourite. They are graceful, mighty, and almost always make for a great photo opportunity - if you’re extra lucky, there might even be somewhere to swim nearby. Here are some of the most awe-inspiring waterfalls that you can explore while travelling with Vodafone’s $5 Roaming, which will let you use your Vodafone plan for $5 extra per day in 80 countries. Snap a shot of one of these stunning waterfalls and share it on your favourite social media platform with Your Max Speed data inclusions.

Niagara Falls, Canada and the US

Potentially one of the most globally recognised waterfalls, Niagara Falls is a massive, misty, waterfall that sits between the US and Canada. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Niagara Falls. Some enjoy boat rides into the mist that builds up where the falls meet the splash pool; others simply enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of the falls. While you’re in the States you can visit another epic waterfall, Yosemite Falls, which drops a total of 739 meters and is well known for its deafening cascades. The falls are visible from a number of places around Yosemite Valley, the most comfortable being from Yosemite Village and the Yosemite Valley Lodge. There is also a waterfall trail that is just under 2km and takes you to a few stunning view points.


Browne Falls, New Zealand

Even though Browne Falls lacks raging waters and sheer plummets, it is still epic to see – it is considered New Zealand’s tallest waterfall with its source being 836 meters above sea level. Browne Falls is a particularly special place to visit because of the surrounding area – the falls feed into New Zealand’s Doubtful Sound which is a stunning fjord, home to some spectacular wildlife including humpback whales, penguins, and bottlenose dolphins. The source of Browne falls is a secluded lake atop a mountain that can only be fully appreciated from a helicopter, drone, or plane.

Another world-famous waterfall to check out while you’re in NZ is Tawhai Falls, commonly referred to as Gollum’s Pool. Tawhai Falls has its claim to fame from its appearance in The Lord of the Rings film franchise. The falls are a short distance from Mount Ngauruhoe (the stand in for Mt Doom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy). It’s not surprising that Tawhai Falls makes an appearance on many Middle Earth tours, but even if you aren’t a Lord of the Rings fan, it is a great place to swim, hike, and be inspired by nature.


Ban Gioc-Detian, Vietnam

Ban Gioc waterfall is a 30 meter waterfall along the Quây Sơn River. It is technically made up of two separate waterfalls, but during periods of heavy rainfall the two waterfalls combine into one massive fall. Ban Gioc Waterfall historically marked the border between China and Vietnam. There is a stone marker along the top of the waterfall that declares the border line. The falls themselves are a site to behold surrounded by lush green forest and rich limestone beds.


Iguazu Falls Devil’s Throat, Argentina and Brazil

Iguazu Falls is the meeting of two waterfalls that, together, make up the largest waterfall system in the world. The system is approximately 3 times the size of Niagara (which it is often compared to). Its colourful origin myth tells the story of a deity who wished to marry a mortal woman. The woman tried to flee the deity with her lover. As the woman and her lover were escaping on a canoe, the deity smote the lovers – splitting the river in the process.


Tugela Falls, South Africa

The second tallest waterfall in the world (with some disputing that it is in fact the tallest), Tugela Falls plummet over the edge of the Amphitheatre – an impressive cliff face, 10 times the size of El Capitan in Yosemite. The hike to the top of Tugela Falls is challenging but you will be rewarded with epic panoramic views of the surrounding Royal National Park of KwaZulu-Natal Province.

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