Small business wellness advisor Leanne Faulkner shares her de-stress toolkit to turn your mobile into a meditation retreat.

As a small business owner, I know how easy it is to put yourself last on the wellbeing list. I also know that in times of high stress it becomes imperative to put yourself first so that your business is resilient enough to withstand pressure.At the time, taking time out didn’t seem important. How wrong I was! Today, I have a range of mental health practices I follow daily to ensure I can cope with the multitude of challenges small business owners must face.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict tops the list because listening is the easiest way to learn more about this topic. You can download them onto your phone and play them in the car between appointments, or better still, walking to and from work. There’s a world of discussions out there that review relaxation techniques, talk about the neuroscience of mindfulness, explain effective approaches to meditation, or simply address general wellbeing topics.
Once you’ve downloaded your podcast app, subscribe to the following:

  1. Sounds True
    A fabulous collection of interviews about general wellbeing and mindfulness practices.
  2. Wayne Dyer podcast
    The world lost a great thought-leader last year, but his legacy of self-development and spiritual growth lives on in his podcasts and books.
  3. Meditation Freedom
    Once again, a terrific collection of discussions about the value and approach to meditation.
  4. Waking Up
    Listen to The Path and the Goal — it could have been titled Mediation for Skeptics because it’s drawn from a very scientific base.


Presented by Andy Puddicombe, Headspace gently teaches you about the stress-busting benefits of meditation and guides you through short sessions that won’t drain your time-bank. Importantly,  this wonderful app explains the science behind the value of mindfulness so you can make an informed decision when investing yourself into applying their guidelines.


I love a bit of Serenity when I am trying to sleep after a stress-filled day. It allows you to create your own calming sounds (or combination) from a library of popular calming sound effects. In addition, you can set levels for each sound (strong waves versus lapping waves, for example) and use a timer to stop the app once you have drifted off. I much prefer to fill my head with relaxing tones than my endless self-chatter!

Insight Timer

This app is a hidden meditation gem, packed with a selection of guided meditations, from all different facilitators and of various lengths. If you like, you can do your own meditation and use their beautiful bells to keep you on track. As a bonus, Insight Timer is internationally loved, so whenever you complete a meditation it will show you who else from around the world has just been meditating with you.

Change comes when we make a decision to do something different with our time.

Just one small decision can have a huge impact on the success of our business. Make sure your own wellbeing is included in the mix of decisions you choose to make.

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Leanne Faulkner

Red Wire Guest

Leanne Faulkner,
Red Wire Guest

Leanne Faulkner was named the 2015 Council of Small Business of Australia Small Business Champion for her work emphasising the importance of mental health for Small Business owners. She is currently working with Beyond Blue to bring this important issue to light across Australia.