We’ve just completed our merger with TPG creating a new telecommunications company with our combined resources, and we’re beyond excited. Here’s how we’ve gotten here, and what this means for you.

What are the benefits of merging Vodafone and TPG?

Joining forces brings together our highly complementary networks and strengthens our ability to invest in next generation network technologies such as 5G. We’ll also combine the skills of leading industry innovators which means better products and services for our customers. For the first time, Australia will have a third, full-service provider that can deliver more choice and value for customers.


What benefits will we as customers get?

Over the coming months, we will be integrating TPG’s complementary network infrastructure into our mobile network, to give you faster speeds and a better performance. From today, customers in Canberra and the Melbourne CBD will benefit from improvements. Canberra will benefit from a 20 per cent increase in capacity as we deploy additional 1800MHz spectrum to a number of sites, and Melbourne CBD will see improved performance in busy areas such as Collins Street and Docklands as we turn on a number of small cells. We have big plans for our network, plans and products, so stay tuned – this will be revealed in good time.


What will happen with my phone plan?

For now, you won’t notice any change. Your plan will still be with us, and if you’re with TPG, your plan will remain with TPG. We will continue to serve and support you in the usual way.


Will my nbn service now come under TPG?

No, your Vodafone nbn service will stay with us. All customer details, billing cycles, plans and normal services remain exactly the same.


I have services with both TPG and Vodafone. Will they come under one bill now?

No, account numbers, billing codes and any direct debit set ups remain the same.


Will TPG services be eligible for Bundle & Save?

At this stage, TPG services currently aren’t eligible for Bundle & Save discounts. But stay tuned – we’ve got some great things coming soon.


We’re excited for what our merged company will be able to bring you in the future. For more information on the VHA/TPG merger, head here: www.tpgtelecom.com.au



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