With thousands of popular TV shows and movies, Amazon Prime Video is the video-on-demand streaming service you didn’t know you needed. What’s better, you can get an Amazon Prime Membership on us for 12 months when you stay connected for 12 months to any $50 and above Red Plus or SIM Only Plus Plan via Pay with Vodafone. A benefit of having an Amazon Prime Membership is access to Prime Video with unlimited streaming.

Here are our recommended top mix of movies and shows to check out with your access to Prime Video (through your Amazon Prime Membership).

LOL: Australia

Picture 10 of Australia’s finest comedians all in one house for 6 hours. The catch? They’re not allowed to laugh, or they’re eliminated. Hosted by Rebel Wilson, who will be the last one laughing? Get ready for some crazy antics as these comedians try to make each other crack by whatever means possible.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This Emmy award-winning comedy-drama set in the late 1950’s follows an upper middle-class Jewish housewife with a quick mind and sharp tongue. As her husband (he midnights as a standup comic) leaves her for his secretary, she drunkenly shows him how to leave the audience in stitches. You’ll love the eccentric characters and many laugh-out-loud moments.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Financial analyst Jack Ryan unexpectedly finds himself in the field tracking down a new threat. This political thriller will have you on the edge of your seat as the game of cat and mouse between the protagonist and the terrorists plays out in season one, with a whole new conspiracy to solve in the newly released season two. This show was nominated at the Emmys.

The Aeronauts

Who would have thought period film about an aspiring meteorologist would be so uplifting? Set in the 1860’s, we follow a single record-breaking flight of a hot air balloon, with flashbacks of key scenes dispersed throughout. It’s thrilling, touching and charming.

The Boys

You’ve never seen a superhero show like this. What happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good? Based on the comic book by the same name, this dark and violent take on the trope is the story of the powerless against the super powerful, and what happens when superheroes are commercialized and mostly arrogant and corrupt.

Modern Love

An unlikely friendship. A lost love resurfaced. A marriage at its turning point. These are unique stories about the joys and tribulations of love, each inspired by a real-life personal essay from the beloved New York Times column “Modern Love.” This easy-to-watch anthology series features different stories in each episode and will make you believe in the best of people.


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