Our Unified Communications solution, Vodafone One Net is here, and there’s a lot to be excited about. With tools to help you boost your business’s productivity, increase cost efficiency and improve your customers’ experience, here’s what you need to know.

What is Vodafone One Net?

Vodafone One Net is a cloud-based Unified Communications platform built specifically for business. Supporting 2 to 500 users, it’s a proven, more secure and instantly scalable business solution that joins up mobiles, fixed lines, desktops, laptops and tablets – so they all work together seamlessly.

Because Vodafone One Net is so flexible, it can be tailored to cost-effectively serve the needs of your business. With features like call queues, shared voicemail, and an automated receptionist, here’s how Vodafone One Net can help your business.

Don’t miss an opportunity

Have you ever missed a call from a customer, only to call them back and find out they’re no longer interested? With Vodafone One Net, you can dedicate numerous phone lines to ring simultaneously or one after the other to ensure the customer’s call is always answered, which means if you’re stuck in a meeting, someone else from your team can pick up the call. Plus, you can divert voicemails to a single place for you or anyone you designate to check, meaning you can get back to your customers quicker.

Make changes instantly

Scenario: you’re part of a call group but maybe you’re about to step into an important meeting, or maybe you’re heading on holidays for the week. No need for IT support – Vodafone One Net has a dedicated online portal so account holders can track usage, manage users, and change the way calls are managed quickly and easily, so you won’t be disturbed whilst you’re relaxing by the pool.

Filter the calls before they get to you

Don’t have a receptionist, but don’t want all calls to come through to one person? Let us do the sorting for you. With Vodafone One Net, calls can be answered by an automated receptionist that provides a personalised greeting and menu options. Want all sales calls to go to one person or team, and all customer service calls to go to another? Easy, just set it up and now the calls will filter through to the right person without the need for you or a receptionist to transfer them.

Work on the go

Whether it’s from home or on the road, your team can work as effectively as you would in your office. Calls to your business’s landline can divert to your mobile. You can also transfer calls between users, send instant messages all available on our Standard Plan, or, with our Premium Plan, you can schedule video conferences, and share screens and files all within Vodafone One Net.

Unsure whether Vodafone One Net is right for your business? With no upfront costs, you can have the flexibility to try our service to make sure it’s right for you.

To get going with Vodafone One Net or to find out more, head here.

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