With a large screen and great mobility, tablets are fast becoming a must-have item in the family home. We’ve put together our top reasons why a tablet is the perfect fit for your family.

Read as a family

A tablet is a great tool to help teach your child to read. Unlike black and white e-readers, tablets are ideal for browsing through colourful children’s books, and are usually large enough for shared reading. Zoom in and out to focus on particularly tricky words or take a closer look at illustrations. Make sure to also keep an eye out for enhanced ebooks, which can contain hyperlinks, videos and audio alongside the narrative. For example, Apple offer enhanced editions of the much-loved Harry Potter series complete with illustrations and interactive animations for a true immersion into the magical world.

Tap into your creative side

Get creative with the kids using your tablet. While painting days are fun, you may not always have the time to clean up after your little artists. Maximise your child’s creative potential while minimising mess with sketch apps like Doodle Buddy Draw and Kids Doodle. A number of tablets, such as the Galaxy Book 2, come with an included stylus for ultimate precision as you’re creating your masterpieces. You can even transform dinner into a bonding experience by loading recipes onto your tablets so you and your kids can cook together.

Connect your smart home

Those looking to control their smart homes from a single device should look no further than the trusty tablet. Check out third party software like Yonomi, which will enable you to control different smart devices from a single centralised application. Having a tablet dedicated to smart home functionality instead of a personal phone means that your family members will be able to activate smart devices remotely, even if you and your phone are not at home. Controlling your smart devices via a tablet is also great for those parents wishing to keep a closer eye on their children’s device usage.

Travel effortlessly

The portability of a tablet is one of its most desirable features. Tablets tend to be relatively light devices (the iPad mini weighs a mere 308.2g), making them ideal for use outside the home. Your tablet can serve many purposes on the go, including entertaining your kids during a long car trip, capturing photos of your latest family adventure or navigating you to your next location as a GPS. Within your own home, a tablet’s portability allows it to be shared easily between family members – although we can’t ensure the kids won’t fight over it!

Keep in touch with friends and family while on holidays

If you travel regularly on family holidays, a tablet can be a useful means of keeping in touch with friends and family back home. Tablet designs are ideal for video calling in a group and should allow you to fit all members of your family in the screen. For popular video calling applications, check out FaceTime, Google Duo or Whatsapp. If you head overseas, you can use Vodafone’s $5 Roaming with your tablet plan for just $5 extra a day in 80 countries, for up to 90 days in a calendar year. Countries may vary, so take a look at the list of included countries before you travel.

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Tara Fernandez

Digital Copywriter at Vodafone

Tara Fernandez,
Digital Copywriter at Vodafone

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