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Smart watches are perfect if you love staying connected while on the go. Make and receive calls and text in Australia from your watch via Bluetooth or, if you’re away from your phone, through Vodafone NumberSync™. Plus enjoy the convenience of all your important notifications, apps, music and fitness tracking being only one glance away. We have a range of popular smart watches from leading brands. Get started with a smart watch today.

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 4G
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 4G
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 4G
Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Vodafone to get a smart watch?
Use your smart watch independent of your phone
You can share your compatible phone plan inclusions and mobile number with your compatible smart watch through Vodafone NumberSync™. This means you can use your smart watch to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and stream music on the Vodafone network when you’re away from your phone. Plus there are some smartphone apps that are available for your smart watch.
Pair your smart watch and phone via Bluetooth
If you’d prefer not to leave your phone at home, you can pair your smart watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This means you can use your smart watch to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and stream music on the Vodafone network when your phone and watch are in range of each other.
Why should I get a smart watch?

A smart watch gives you the ability to stay connected using a device that’s tied to your wrist. While traditionally the primary function of an analogue or digital watch was to tell the time, today a smart watch has the power to access the internet and provide similar features to your smartphone like calling, messaging and step tracking.

What can a smart watch do more easily than a mobile phone?

Because smart watches are fitted to your wrist they have the ability to more easily monitor your heart rate, and assist with exercise and overall fitness. They can also track your sleep amongst other things.

Terms and conditions

Vodafone NumberSync™ Eligibility
Vodafone NumberSync™ (NumberSync™) Subscription is available to customers who have an existing eligible postpaid voice plan, Vodafone Cap and Prepaid excluded (Eligible Plan). Minimum monthly spend is $5. NumberSync™ requires an eligible handset device (Handset) and OS paired with an eligible eSIM-enabled wearable device (Wearable Device). Eligible handsets and Wearable Devices can change so please refer to Vodafone webpage for latest updates. NumberSync™ is activated via Wearable Device app on Handsets. Please refer to Handset manufacturer’s guideline as Wearable Device apps can vary by Handset models. A customer must have accepted manufacturer’s Terms of Use for the Wearable Device prior to signing up to NumberSync™. Vodafone NumberSync™ on Samsung Galaxy Watches is only available for official variants available in Australia purchased through Vodafone or from any other third party provider. Any other variant e.g. from overseas can only be used as a Bluetooth only device.

Apple Watch Series 5
Airpods sold separately. Apple is the sole provider of product information and representation that appears above on Vodafone’s behalf. In particular:
Vodafone makes no individual guarantee as to the splash and water resistance capabilities of the devices.
The representations above are for illustrative purposes only. All accessories (including watch bands and faces) can be purchased directly from Apple. All features specified above are available on the Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) that Vodafone is selling. Vodafone is only selling the following accessories: 40mm Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band, 40mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band, 40mm Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band, 44mm Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band, 44mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band, 44mm Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band.

Maximum Device
Only one Wearable Device can be connected to your Eligible Plan at any one time.

NumberSync™ has no inclusions. The Subscription grants customer access to share inclusions of the Eligible Plan to which the NumberSync™ is attached to. For the avoidance of doubt if your Eligible Plan is a sharing plan NumberSync™ will not be considered a service for the purpose of the 10 service limit on sharing. For sharing terms and conditions please refer to sharing page. All call, data or international call (if applicable) inclusions used on Wearable Device will be consumed from your Eligible Plan inclusions pool and will appear on your bill and My Vodafone, as entitlements consumed by the Eligible Plan, it will not appear as a separate entry. Excess charges may apply if you combined usage via NumberSync™ and the Eligible Plan exceeds the allowance of the Eligible Plan.

Cancelling Subscription
Cancellation of the NumberSync™ subscription is by calling 1555 only. If subscription is cancelled mid billing cycle, a pro-rata refund for the remainder month in which the subscription is cancelled will be applied to the customer's next bill. Cancellation of your Eligible Plan will automatically cancel your NumberSync™ Subscription.

When you're overseas
$5 Roaming and international roaming are not available with your NumberSync™. If you take your Wearable Device overseas it will not be able to connect to a mobile network when the Wearable Device is out of handset Bluetooth range.

Anything else
The terms and conditions of your Eligible Plan and our Standard Form of Agreement will apply to your use of our network and access to your Eligible Plan via your NumberSync™.