Get the Huawei Watch 2 4G for $16.63 per month on our $10 Red Wearable plan.

4G sport smartwatch.

The Huawei Watch 2 is the marriage of cutting-edge technology and traditional watchmaking. It comes with a lightweight, sleek design with IP68 rated water and dust resistance. Standalone 4G connectivity gives you the freedom to get away from your phone once in a while and make calls on the go. Be guided and motivated by the professional running coach feature and independent GPS for activity tracking. Huawei Watch pairs with iOS and Android phones running on Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.2+. Visit Android Wear Check on your phone to see if it's compatible. Supported features may vary between Android and iOS. Data comes from your plan but the Huawei Watch 2 can be used on Wi-Fi as well. To help you through COVID-19, if you use all of your Wearable plan’s data, we’ll automatically add 1GB for $1 to use in Australia until the end of the next billing month. This is normally 1GB data for $10. The reduced cost is available until 05/05/20 unless extended.

Huawei Watch2
Huawei Watch2

Stay connected without your phone.

Standalone 4G connectivity gives you the freedom to step away from your phone once in a while and make calls on the go.


Perfect workout companion.

Go running or cycling with your favourite workout beats, while guided and motivated by real-time coaching, and have your trail mapped via in-built GPS.


Your smart assistant.

Latest Android Wear 2.0 brings you traffic alerts, calendar notifications, Google Assistant and support for standalone apps.


Prepared for all that life throws at you.

IP68-rated water and dust resistance. For all of life’s spills and thrills, we have you covered.

Terms and conditions

$10 Red Wearable Month to Month Plan
$10 Red Wearable Plan is only available to customers who simultaneously purchase a Huawei Watch 2 from Vodafone under a Mobile Payment Plan (‘MPP’) of 12, 24 or 36 months duration (“Commitment Period”) (outright purchases or BYO not available). Plan not available with any other device. For personal use by approved customers only. Available via phone sales and selected retail stores only. Inclusions expire after 1 month unless otherwise stated. Plan excludes Premium Services, 1223, & 1225 directory services, 123 Ask-Us-Anything, International Roaming, content purchases, call screen and charges for additional data and additional standard international calls.
Minimum monthly spend is $10. Must connect for minimum one month. Total minimum cost is one month of your plan fees plus 100% of the RRP of the Huawei Smart Watch 2. There is no Early Exit Fee on your $10 Red Wearable Plan, however, if you choose to cancel your plan, 100% of the remaining watch instalments will be applied to your next bill (you cannot continue your MPP without an active $10 Red Wearable Plan). Recurring monthly plan fee charged until the end of the month in which you notify that you wish to cancel.
The $10 Red Wearable Plan supports sharing. If you have more than one Vodafone plan that supports sharing on your billing account, the data allowances on those services will automatically combine into one pool which will be shared between eligible users (data sharing is only available on up to 10 services, a maximum of 5 of which can be voice plans (the $10 Red Wearable Plan is considered a voice plan)). Any existing international calling allowances on your account are not shareable with this plan. You can find out which plans support sharing or you can opt-out of sharing altogether at any time by calling 1555.

Mobile Payment Plan
Mobile Payment Plan (‘MPP’) for Huawei Watch 2 is available for personal use only to approved customers who simultaneously connect (and remain connected to) an active $10 Red Wearable Plan. The outright price of the Huawei Watch 2 will be spread in equal instalments over your chosen commitment period (12, 24 or 36 months). Once selected, this commitment period is fixed (unless you elect to pay your total remaining balance in full in one instalment). If during your MPP commitment period you cancel your $10 Red Wearable Plan, your MPP will also be automatically cancelled and 100% of remaining MPP instalments plus outstanding charges on your Red Wearable plan will be applied to your next bill.

4G available with a 4G device and an active Prepaid recharge or plan with Vodafone Alerts. 4G in selected cities in Australia. See

Discounted overage
Discount available to new, existing and upgrading customers who sign up to or have an existing postpaid mobile, tablet or MBB plan which triggers $10/GB overage (‘Eligible Plan’). Discounted overage rate of $1/GB (‘Discounted Rate’) will apply for Eligible Plans until the end date, thereafter the overage rate will revert to $10/GB. Discounted Rate will apply automatically, and customers do not need to take steps to activate. Discounted Rate will apply as a charge on a customer’s bill until the end date. Not for commercial or resale purposes. Offer not transferrable or redeemable for cash. Subject to change.