Accessing your bill.

This support article will give you key information about accessing your bill.

We can email your bill to you each month. The best way to set up email billing is through My Vodafone.

How to view and download your bill.

You can view and download as a PDF your current and past 24 bills through My Vodafone.

You can download an itemised list of your usage as a CSV file through the desktop version of My Vodafone. The CSV file is not available through the mobile app version.

Additional information.

What does the time correspond to on my itemised bill?

Here’s a description of that the time that’s displayed against your usage on your bill and in My Vodafone.


Calls made in Australia and while roaming overseas will display the local time where the call was made.


Data used when you're in Australia will display as Sydney time. Data used while roaming overseas will display as the local time where the data was used.

Text messages

Text messages sent in Australia will display as Sydney time. Text messages sent while roaming overseas will display the local time where the text was sent from.

If I close my Vodafone account, can I still download copies of my bills?

No. Once you've closed your account you won't be able to access My Vodafone.

Can I get an itemised copy of my bill sent to me by mail?

You can change your billing options to display a daily summary of your SMS, PXT and data usage. However, if you want an itemised record of your bill, you’ll need to access the CSV file through My Vodafone.

Why do my itemised usage records show multiple items of the same data amount?

The maximum size of a data usage item on your CSV bill is 200MB when you’re in Australia or 10MB when roaming.

In situations where you’ve used a high volume of data in Australia, we’ll generate data usage items at approximately 50MB intervals.

When using data while roaming, we’ll generate a data usage record every 15 minutes or at 5MB intervals.