Spotify Premium and your Vodafone bill.

Your Spotify Premium subscription of $11.99 per month can be added to your Vodafone bill.

How to add Spotify Premium to your bill.

You can add Spotify Premium to your bill through My Vodafone.

If you add your Spotify Premium subscription to your bill, it will renew each month until you cancel the subscription.

If you're currently subscribed to Spotify Premium as part of a Red plan, you can add your subscription to your bill within 7 days before your period on us ends.

Additional information

How do I cancel my Spotify Premium subscription?

You can cancel your Spotify Premium subscription through My Vodafone by selecting ‘Remove from my bill’ and following the prompts.

If you cancel your subscription, you’ll still be able to use Spotify Premium until the end of your current billing cycle. When you cancel we’ll send you a text message letting you know when that is.

If I disconnect my number, what happens to my Spotify Premium subscription?

If you disconnect your number, transfer your number to another provider, or switch to prepaid, your Spotify Premium subscription will automatically end.

Is there a purchase limit for Pay with Vodafone?

Yes, your monthly Pay with Vodafone purchase limit is $50. This includes all content purchased by Pay with Vodafone, for example $11.99 with Spotify Premium and $38.01 with Google Play™ in the same month.

If you reach this $50 monthly limit and wish to continue making purchases on Spotify Premium you must select another payment method.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing this product or subscription you understand, acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. As a default, Pay with Vodafone billing service (otherwise known as Direct Carrier Billing) is enabled on your postpaid account. When you purchase content or a service from a third party content provider (Content Provider), this charge will appear on your Vodafone bill under the heading ‘Content’ as either:
    • a once-off payment; or
    • if you are purchasing a subscription service it will be added and continue until the end of the billing month in which you cancel your subscription service or cancel your Vodafone plan.
  2. You will not be asked to verify your identity when making an individual purchase or signing up to a subscription based service, so be mindful of others, such as children, using your device.
  3. If you wish to opt-out of paying via Pay with Vodafone or if you have any questions regarding Pay with Vodafone please call us on 1555 from your Vodafone mobile.
  4. If you wish to cancel your content subscription service you should do so in accordance with the cancellation policy contained within the terms and conditions of the Content Provider.
  5. If the purchase of this content results in a combined total monthly content spend in excess of $50 you will not be allowed to be complete the purchase via Pay with Vodafone.
  6. Please contact Vodafone on 1555 for all billing complaints or enquiries.
  7. Your use of the content is subject to the terms and conditions of your agreement with the Content Provider. Please contact the Content Provider if you experience any problems or an issue arises with your use of the content.
  8. Purchases or subscriptions using Pay with Vodafone is permitted by the account holder only.
  9. Listening to music, reading or watching video content over the mobile network will consumer data from your plan’s allowance. You are responsible for all data costs including overage. You can reduce mobile data by listening to music/viewing content on any Wi-Fi connection and syncing content to your device for offline use.