Donations by SMS.

This support article will give you key information about making donations to selected charities using Premium SMS.

Vodafone are working with Optus, Telstra and the Telco Together Foundation to run a 12 month pilot to allow selected charities to receive donations using Premium SMS.

How to make charitable donations using Premium SMS.

You can make a $5 donation to participating charities using Premium SMS by sending a keyword to the relevant ‘19’ number.

For the list of participating charities, including their ‘19’ numbers and keywords, check out the Text Giving page.

How donations by SMS are charged.

Additional information.

Are all donations by SMS tax deductible?

Yes. All participating charities have Deductible Gift Recipient Status, which means donations by SMS are tax deductible.

How will I receive my tax receipt?

When you donate by SMS, you'll receive a thank you message in reply containing all the information needed to meet the requirements of a receipt. You can also contact the charity directly for more information.

Can I make donations by SMS if I have Premium SMS barring on my account?

If you've blocked Premium SMS on your account, you won't be able to make donations by SMS.

You can change your Premium SMS barring settings through My Vodafone.

How much of my donation by SMS will the charity receive?

The charity will receive 99%, or $4.95, of your donation. 1% is deducted to cover the telco costs.

Can I donate more than $5?

You can donate more than $5 by sending multiple messages to the charity number. For example, you can donate $10 by sending 2 messages, or donate $15 by sending 3 messages. Each donation will appear as a separate transaction on your Vodafone invoice.

By donating by SMS will I be subscribing to repeat donations?

No. Each donation by SMS is a one-off charge only.