Using a modem from another provider on the Vodafone network.

Here’s what you should check if you’d like to use a modem from another provider with our network. If your existing modem can’t be used on our network, check out the Mobile Broadband modems we have available.

Step 1: Check your modem is compatible on our network.

To provide you with the best possible experience, your modem needs to operate on all our supported network frequencies.

Network Supported frequencies
4G (LTE) 850 MHz - 1800 MHz 2100 MHz
3G (UMTS) - 900 MHz - 2100 MHz
Step 2: Check coverage in your area.

Use our coverage checker to see where our network is available.

Step 3: Check your modem isn’t network locked.

If your modem is locked to another network, contact your old provider about getting it unlocked from their network.

Step 4: Check your modem’s connection settings can be customised.

If your modem’s connection settings can’t be customised, you won’t be able to use it with our network.

How to connect your modem to the Vodafone network

You can connect your modem to the Vodafone network by customising the connection settings on your modem by using the connection manager software supplied with your modem. If you’re not sure how to customise your connection settings, check your modem’s user guide or contact the device manufacturer.

Enter these details into your modem connection settings.

Profile name VF Mobile Broadband
APN type Static
Authentication Access Number *99#
Username Must be blank
Password Must be blank