Call Catcher.

This support article will give you key information about managing Call Catcher on your phone service. Call Catcher is an alternative to voicemail, giving callers the option to send their number to you via SMS if you don’t answer their call.

How to manage Call Catcher.

The best way to manage Call Catcher is through My Vodafone.

Under ‘Call forwarding’, you can select to:

  • Divert all your calls to Call Catcher.
  • Divert your unanswered calls to Call Catcher.
  • Divert calls to Call Catcher when you’re unreachable or busy.

You can also manage Call Catcher by dialing 121 600 from your Vodafone phone and following the prompts.

Additional information.

Is there a cost to use Call Catcher?

No, there’s no charge for using Call Catcher.

What will happen to unanswered calls if both Call Catcher and voicemail are switched off?

If you have both Call Catcher and voicemail switched off, any unanswered calls will ring out.