Forwarding calls to an operator with Call Screen.

If you’re on a phone plan, you can forward incoming calls to a Vodafone operator with Call Screen. Our operator will take the caller’s message and send it to you as an SMS.

How to forward calls to an operator.

You can activate call forwarding through My Vodafone. You’re able to forward all of your incoming calls to a Vodafone operator, or in certain situations like when calls go unanswered.

How much does it cost?

Calls forwarded to an operator are charged at a 5c flat fee for the first 10 seconds. If a call takes longer than 10 seconds, there is a further charge of $1.80.

Additional information.

Can you answer my calls with a personalised greeting?

Yes, you can choose what our operators say when they answer your calls. To set up a personalised greeting, give our team a call on 1555. There’s no extra charge for this service.

Can I forward calls to an operator while roaming overseas?

Yes, however it may cost more than it does in Australia.

When you're overseas and Call Screen is active, calls to your number will go overseas and then divert back to Australia. Because of this, you’ll be charged for both making and receiving a call.

If you’re using $5 Roaming, this will trigger the $5 daily fee. To see where $5 Roaming is available, check our current countries.

If $5 Roaming isn’t active or you’re in a country where $5 Roaming isn’t available, you’ll be charged at our Pay As You Go roaming rates for making and receiving a call.

You’ll also be charged for the usual cost of Call Screen as listed above.