Call waiting.

Activating call waiting lets you receive incoming calls when you’re already on a call. You can choose to put the first call on hold and answer the second call, reject the second call, or merge the calls using call conference.

How to manage your call waiting settings.

The best way to manage your call waiting settings is using dialling codes.

You can enter these dialling codes into your device to manage your call waiting settings.

If you’re unable to manage call waiting through dialling codes or your phone settings, please give our team a call on 1555.

Activate call waiting
* 43 #
Deactivate call waiting
# 43 #
Check your call waiting status
* # 43 #

You can also manage call waiting through your device settings. Check out our device guides or contact your device manufacturer for more information.

Additional information.

Does it cost anything to use call waiting?

No. There is no charge for setting up and using call waiting.

Can I manage more than two calls at once with call waiting?

You can only manage two calls at once with call waiting. If you get a third call, you’ll need to end one of the others to answer it.