Making international calls.

This support article will give you key information about making calls from Australia to overseas numbers using international dialling codes.

How to call an international number from Australia.

To call an overseas from Australia, you’ll need to dial the exit code, the country code, and the number with the area code.

Exit code

To call a number outside Australia, the exit code is ‘+’ or ‘0011’.

Country code

Country codes are listed on our international call rates support page.

Number with area code

If the number includes an area code, include it when you dial. However, if the area code or number begins with ‘0’, drop the ‘0’ when you dial.


For example, if you are calling someone in the UK and their phone number is ‘07836 191 191’, here’s how to dial.

+ or 0011 The exit code to call outside Australia.
44 The country code for the UK.
7836 191 191 The number with the ‘0’ at the beginning dropped. 


This means, to call this number you’d dial:

+ 44 7836 191 191

Additional information.

How do I dial '+' on my phone?

Keypad functionality differs between device manufacturers, however you can usually dial ‘+’ on most phones by:
• Pressing and holding the '0' or '*' key.
• Pressing the '0' or '*' key twice quickly.
On most smartphones, there's a button brings up a secondary keyboard for symbols such as ‘+’.