Keep your landline phone number with Vodafone.

With our Vodafone Mobile Landline service, you can keep your current landline phone number by adding it to your Vodafone mobile phone plan.

Calls placed to your landline phone number will be automatically directed to your Vodafone mobile number. You won’t have a landline phone but you can answer calls made to your landline number with your Vodafone mobile phone. Currently, this is only available to customers on an eligible Vodafone mobile plan - it’s not available if you’re on a prepaid service.

How do I get Vodafone Mobile Landline?

To get a Vodafone Mobile Landline service, you must first have a Vodafone mobile phone. You can either sign up to Vodafone mobile phone plan or use your existing plan. Once your plan is active, give our team a call on 1555 from your Vodafone mobile.

How much does Vodafone Mobile Landline cost?

Our Vodafone Mobile Landline service costs $5 per month. This cost is added to your Vodafone bill and renews each month until you cancel. If you sign up to Vodafone Mobile Landline partway through your billing cycle, you will be charged on a pro rata basis in your first month.

Vodafone Mobile Landline does not come with included calls. When you make a call, you’ll be charged at the rate set out in your Vodafone plan details. Currently, all of our mobile phone plans come with unlimited standard national calls.

Additional information.

How long does it take to set up Vodafone Mobile Landline?

It can take up to 11 business days for Vodafone Mobile Landline to be activated. In the meanwhile, you’ll be able to make and receive calls to your landline phone through your existing service.

Can I make a call from my landline phone number?

No, you can’t make calls from your landline phone number. You can only receive calls that are made to your landline phone number.

When you make a call, the person you’re calling will see your Vodafone mobile number.

With Vodafone Mobile Landline, can I redirect calls to a mobile number with another provider?

No, calls to your landline phone number can only be redirected to a Vodafone mobile number. You’ll need to be on a postpaid Vodafone mobile plan.

Can I get a new landline phone number with Vodafone Mobile Landline?

Right now, Vodafone Mobile Landline is only available for the landline phone number that you currently have.

How do I cancel my Vodafone Mobile Landline service?

To cancel your Vodafone Mobile Landline service, please give our team a call on 1555 from your Vodafone mobile.

If I cancel my Vodafone phone plan or nbn™ plan, what happens to my Vodafone Mobile Landline service?

If you cancel your Vodafone phone plan, your Vodafone Mobile Landline service will also be cancelled. We’ll get in touch to discuss what you’d like to do with your landline number before it gets disconnected.

If you cancel your Vodafone nbn™ plan, your Vodafone Mobile Landline service may continue to work as before. Please give us a call on 1555 for more information before you cancel your nbn™ plan.

Terms and conditions.

Min monthly spend is $5. Recurring monthly access fee charged until the end of the month in which you cancel the service. Only available to customers who are connected to an eligible Vodafone Postpaid Voice Plan (‘Voice Plan’) or sign up to an eligible Vodafone nbn™ Plan. This Add-on does not come with a separate call allowance, it simply allows you to retain your existing fixed voice (or home phone number) service (‘FVN’) and supports unlimited incoming calls redirected to a Postpaid Voice service on the same account. You will be charged for making outgoing calls via the Vodafone Network from your mobile at the rate set out in your Voice Plan details. Only your home phone number will be ported to Vodafone. Porting may result in loss of any services dependent on using the phone line associated with that number including broadband, line sharing services or call waiting. Please check with your existing provider about these additional services and whether you will be required to pay any costs upon your number being transferred. If your eligible voice plan is cancelled, this Add-on will also automatically cancel. Min monthly spend is prorated when Add-on is purchased or cancelled part way through the billing month for your eligible voice plan. This Add-on is not shareable with other eligible voice plans on the same account. For full terms and conditions see this page.