Premium Services

Premium calls and text messages may be used, amongst others, for competitions, content subscriptions, chat and dating services, psychic and astrology services and information services.

Premium SMS numbers are generally start with 19. Premium calls generally start with 190.

These services are charged at a premium rate and may not be included with your Vodafone plan or prepaid recharge.

Before using a Premium Service, always check the costs associated with making a call or sending a text message.

The amount you’ll be charged for calling a 19 premium number will be higher than the advertised rate as we add 18% plus GST.

How can you be charged for Premium Services?

There are a range of ways in which you can be charged for Premium Services. These include:
1) Flat rate - where you’re charged a fixed amount for each text message or call.
2) Timed rate - where your calls or data services are timed at a rate per minute.
3) Flat rate connection fee and a timed rate.

Additional information.

How to view your Premium Service usage.

You can view your use of Premium Services through My Vodafone.

Premium service numbers will appear in the ‘International Talk’ section of your bill.

Can I restrict my service from using Premium Services?

Yes. To prevent your service from using Premium Services, give customer care a call on 1555.

You can block calls to premium service numbers on your plan by deactivating international calls through My Vodafone.

However blocking calls to premium service numbers will also block the ability to call international numbers. This will also affect calls while on international roaming.

How are premium services charged with a prepaid recharge?

If you’re on a prepaid recharge, you need to add My Credit to use Premium Services.