Premium Services

Premium calls and text messages may be used, amongst others, for competitions, content subscriptions, chat and dating services, psychic and astrology services and information services.

Premium SMS numbers are generally start with 19. Premium calls generally start with 190.

How you’ll be charged for premium services.

Before using a premium service, always check the costs associated with making a call or sending a text message.

Additional information.

What are Premium Service Messages (‘PSMS’)?

Premium Service calls and text messages or PSMS are to purchase content or services such as ringtones, games, competitions, games and charity donations. You agree to pay for this by sending to a number starting with ‘19’ from your Vodafone mobile. These charges are then added to your Vodafone bill under the ‘International Talk’ section of your Postpaid bill or are deducted from your Prepaid credit balance.

Even though the charges appear on your Vodafone bill, the content or service is not provided directly by Vodafone. The agreement is with the third party provider. The prices for PSMS content or services are set by the third party provider and not by Vodafone. The cost of the PSMS will be confirmed in the message you receive with confirmation of your purchase.

How to view your PSMS usage?

You can view your use of Premium Services through My Vodafone.

How do I block or bar PSMS?

You can block or bar PSMS subscription based services by calling Vodafone for free on 1555 from your Vodafone mobile or 1300 650 410 (standard call charges will apply).

There is no charge for activating barring of PSMS. Your account will be barred within 1 business day, no other services will be affected.

Customers on a plan can also block calls to premium service message numbers by deactivating international calls through My Vodafone. However, blocking calls to premium service numbers will also block the ability to call international numbers. This will also affect calls on international roaming.

Prepaid customers can also block calls to premium service message numbers by deactivating premium SMS through My Vodafone.

Enquiries or complaints
If you have any enquiries, questions or complaints regarding third party content or services via Premium Service Messages please contact Vodafone directly on 1555 from your Vodafone mobile or 1300 650 410.
Donating to charities via Premium Service Messages
What is Text Giving or donation via SMS?
Vodafone and Telstra are working with the Telco Together Foundation to run a program called “Text Giving” which allows selected charities to receive donations using Premium SMS.
You can make a $5 donation to participating charities using Premium SMS by sending a keyword to the relevant ‘19’ number. To find out more about how Text Giving works please visit the Text Giving website.
If you’re on a postpaid plan, donations will appear in a new section on your invoice titled 'SMS Donations'. If you are on a Prepaid 365 Plus plan, the donation amount will be deducted from your credit.
How much of my donation does the charity receive?
The charity will receive 100 per cent of your donation.
Can Prepaid customers donate via SMS?
Aside from 365 Plus and Pay and Go customers, prepaid Vodafone customers cannot donate to charities via SMS.
If you are a Pay and Go customer you can donate using your Pay and Go credit.
If you are a 365 Plus customer, you will need to have a sufficient My Credit balance to make a donation.
Are donations tax deductible?
All participating charities have Deductible Gift Recipient Status, which means donations by SMS are tax deductible.
How will I receive my tax receipt?
When you donate by SMS, you'll receive a thank you message in reply containing all the information needed to meet the requirements of a receipt. You can also contact the charity directly for any information relating to your receipt for tax deduction purposes. Please contact Vodafone for refunds, complaints and all other queries related to Text Giving.
Can I make donations by SMS if I have Premium SMS barring on my account?
If you've blocked Premium SMS on your account, you won't be able to make donations by SMS.
You can change your Premium SMS barring settings through My Vodafone.
To block or bar Premium SMS services please call us from your Vodafone service on 1555
Can I donate more than $5?
If you wish to donate more than $5 to a charity, you can do so by sending multiple messages to the charity number. For example, you can donate $10 by sending two messages, or donate $15 by sending three messages. Each donation will appear as a separate transaction on your Vodafone invoice. Please be aware that each SMS donation will result in a $5 charge on your next invoice.
Once you donate $30 through Text Giving you will receive a text message letting you know that you’ve reached the $30 point and will receive a text message for every $30 dollars spent, in addition to receiving a text message confirming each donation.
By donating by SMS will I be subscribing to repeat donations?
No. Each donation by SMS is a one-off charge only.