Network video calling troubleshooting guide.

This support article will give you key information about making network supported video calls over our network’s 3G video calling system. Video calls are a great way to send live feeds and keep in touch.

Making network video calls.

If you’re unable to connect network video calls, try these troubleshooting steps first:

Wait for your order

Check compatibility

Ensure that your device, and the device of the person you’re calling, is compatible with video calling.

Give us a call

Check compatibility of person you’re calling

Make sure the person you’re calling is with a provider that supports network video calling.

Wait 3 hours

Check network connection

For information on connection issues, check out our network connection troubleshooting guide.

Additional information.

Can I make a network video call to a computer or tablet?

No. You can only video call other mobile numbers, not computers or tablets.

Can I conference call using network video calling?

No. Conference calls aren’t available for network video calls.

Can I put network video calls on hold?

No. You can’t put a network video call on hold.

Are video calls from apps such as Skype and FaceTime charged in the same way as network video calls?

No. Video calls made from apps such as Skype and FaceTime use mobile data or WiFi and don’t count towards your network video calling allowance.

How are network video calls charged?

If you’re on a plan, network supported video calls made within Australia will appear in the ‘Video’ section of your bill. You can check the network video calling rates for your plan through My Vodafone.

If you’re on a prepaid recharge, check out our prepaid page for network supported video calling rates and charges.

Can I make network video calls while on international roaming?

Network supported video calls made while on international roaming will appear in the ‘Roaming Video’ section of your bill.

Not all overseas service providers support network video calls.