You can now experience the official My Vodafone app.

Our refreshed My Vodafone app has now launched. We appreciate your feedback, as it was invaluable in shaping the experience for all our My Vodafone users.

If you’re currently using the beta version of the My Vodafone app on your Apple or Android device, follow the instructions to download the official app.


How to download the official app.


Apple users need to uninstall the beta app, then go to the App Store and download the official version.


Android users need to go to the My Vodafone page on the Google Play store, scroll down and select to “leave” the beta program. After opting out of the beta program, uninstall the app from your phone and download the full version from the Play store.

Download My Vodafone
Download My Vodafone

Additional information

I’m having trouble downloading and/or installing the new official My Vodafone app, what should I do?
Please check that you have enough free space on your device and that you’re connected to the internet for the app to be installed.
Do I need to keep TestFlight after updating to the official app?
Once you’ve installed the official app, you no longer need TestFlight and may uninstall the app.
Which devices are optimised for the official My Vodafone app?
It’s compatible with iOS devices that use iOS 11.0.0 onwards, and Android devices that use Android 7.0 (Nougat) onwards.
What is the difference between the beta app and the new official app?
The beta app was a trial version that was not available to the public. Our official My Vodafone app includes improvements such as bug fixes based on feedback from beta test users. It will continue to improve through regular version updates.
Will I see my existing account information in the official My Vodafone app?
Yes. The official version of the My Vodafone app will connect with the same backend systems as the beta app and older versions of the My Vodafone app, so you will see your existing account information.
Can I keep using the beta app?
We recommend that you update to the official My Vodafone app when possible, as it has better performance than the beta app. The beta app will no longer be monitored and will be decommissioned shortly.