Usage code glossary.

When you browse your usage in My Vodafone, there may be a code listed against the entry.

Here is a glossary of these codes.

Usage Type Type Description
BBD National Blackberry BlackBerry data used inside Australia
BBR Roaming Blackberry BlackBerry data used overseas
DO Roaming Data Data used overseas
DOV Roaming Data-Pref Data used overseas on a Vodafone preferred network
FCM Fixed Mobile Fixed call to mobile
FDU Fixed Data Fixed data
FLC Fixed to Local Fixed Fixed call to local landline
FNC Fixed National Fixed Call to national landline
FNG Fixed Non-Geographic Fixed call to non-geographic number
IC Intercompany Intercompany call
IN International Voice International phone call made from Australia
IP International Group International private network call
MC Premium Message Message sent to, or received from, a premium message provider
MG Globalstar Call Call made on Globalstar
MO Roaming Voice Call made when roaming overseas
MOV Roaming Voice-Pref Call made when roaming overseas using a Vodafone preferred network
NA National Non Mobile Call made to an Australian non-mobile number while in Australia
NR National Roaming Call made in Australia while using the National Roaming network
OS Operator Operator services
PKT National Data Data used while in Australia
PN Group Calling Private network call
PXT Picture Message PXT/MMS message sent while in Australia
RG Globalstar Incoming Call received on Globalstar
RO Received Call-Roam Call received when roaming overseas
TPA Third Party Applications Applications purchased from a third party
TPP Third Party Purchase Services purchased from a third party
TXO Roaming Text TXT/SMS sent while overseas
TXT Text Message TXT/SMS sent while in Australia
V23 3 Mobile Call made in Australia to an Australian 3 network mobile
V2O Other Mobile Call made in Australia to any other Australian mobile
V2V Vodafone Mobile Call made within Australia to another Australian Vodafone mobile
VCO Other Video Video call in Australia to a non-Vodafone mobile
VCV Vodafone Video Video call made in Australia to another Vodafone mobile
VFC Vodafone Central Vodafone Central purchases
VIN International Video Video call made from Australia to an international mobile
VO Roaming Video Video call made when roaming overseas
VOV Roaming Video-Pref Video call made when roaming overseas using a Vodafone preferred network
VRO Received Video-Roam Video call received when roaming overseas
VS Vodafone Service Call to Vodafone service number
VVN Group Video Video call to private network