Norton Security for Professionals with Vodafone nbn™.

If you currently have a Vodafone mobile phone plan and sign up to a 24 month Business Essential nbn™ plan, 24 month Business Essential+ nbn™ plan or Business Premium nbn™ plan between 28 March and 30 June 2018, you can get a bonus 24 month subscription to Norton Security for Professionals™.

To get this offer, you’ll need to redeem it before 31 August 2018.

How to redeem your bonus Norton™ subscription.

After your Vodafone nbn™ service has been activated, we’ll send you an email with a promo code and instructions on how to redeem your offer. You’ll need to sign up for the bonus Norton™ subscription through our ReadyApps Marketplace.

To find out more about ReadyApps, head to our ReadyApps support page.

Additional information.

I didn’t receive an email. What should I do?

This email will be sent to the email address you’ve registered with Vodafone after your nbn™ service is activated.

If your nbn™ service has been activated but you still haven’t received an email, please call us on 135 888.

My promo code doesn’t work. What should I do?

To be eligible for the offer, you’ll need to have:

  • An eligible Vodafone nbn™ plan
  • A Vodafone mobile phone plan
  • No overdue charges on your account

If you meet these requirements but you’re still having trouble with your promo code, please give us a call on 135 888.

Do I need to sign up to ReadyApps before I get my bonus subscription?

No, you can set up a new ReadyApps account when you redeem your bonus subscription.

If you already have a ReadyApps account, you’ll need to login when you redeem your bonus subscription.

How many devices does my Norton™ subscription cover?

Your Norton Security for Professionals™ subscription covers a maximum of five devices.

What happens if I already have a Norton™ subscription?

You can only use this offer to redeem a new Norton Security for Professionals™ subscription. If you already have a Norton Security for Professionals™ subscription, you can redeem an additional subscription with this offer.

If I cancel my plan, what happens to my Norton™ subscription?

If you cancel your Vodafone mobile phone plan, you will no longer receive your bonus Norton™ subscription.

What happens to my Norton™ subscription after 24 months?

Your Norton™ subscription will renew each month until you cancel. After your 24 month bonus subscription ends, you’ll be charged for the subscription each month on your Vodafone bill. Currently, this subscription costs $10 per month.

How do I cancel my Norton™ subscription?

You can cancel your subscription online through the ReadyApps Marketplace.